The Day the Multiplayer Died

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From my own experiences the problem I found I ended up happening is that everyone started having to have their own TV, their own xbox and no one should be able to see anyone elses screen. What used to be alot of fun became very sterile, I mean I had alot more fun on the original xbox with two tiny screens with everyone huddled around than nowadays where we all are essentially playing xboxlive, just in the same room.

Anyone else found that?

That whole article is right on the money... I see anticipation for LANs going down both with me and my friends because the latest games are so aimed at loners who find friends on the internet. I will always rank playing games locally with friends on the couch or at a LAN party over playing them online. It's no way near as much fun to do all that matchmaking and party searching just to find games that last no longer than 10 minutes with other players who are... just jerks.

The publishers don't like split screen or local multiplayer because that allows more than one person to play the game without paying for it, which is "piracy."

Oddly, Nintendo has made exactly 1 gazillion dollars on these "lost sales."

I found my self asking this same question last month after my brother and I bought Borderlands, and realized that we couldn't play together with our friends online. We had the perfect 4 man team dreamed up, I would snipe, my brother would use Brick, and I had two other friends who'd use the soldier and siren. Then, upon booting up the game, we realized only one person can play at a time. I was let down to say the least.

Actually I always hated split screens unless they were massive TVs. So I guess given the increasingly large HD screens being common place, it may actually make split screens less annoying then I remember.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Split screen is awesome, and when there are bots (very rare these days), it's even better. Something else that bothers me is how PC games very, VERY, rarely have split screen. Usually, when they do, it's only available through a hack (L4D, UT3). I don't mind forking out cash for controllers, if that is what is necessary for split-screen on PC. Or is it assumed that all PC gamers are shut-in loners?

Whats worse is games half-ass it when they do offer split screen. Gears of War 2 allows only 2 player, and horde is really hard with 2 pepole. MW2's maps are far too large to make 2 people fun. And the fact you can't add bots isn't even weirder.

I hope Halo: Reach and Ghost Recon Future Soldier will help us here.

indeed i truly missed great split screen games luckly MW2 has 4 player split screen

most awesome games with 4 players were conquers bad fur-day,perfect dark, halo and well the whole list of mario games

I'll be pissed if bots get axed, I don't want to have to deal with other people in video games if they're not within punching distance.

i understand the logic. spilt screen litteraly cuts the screen size in half for every person added. and LAN parties are very inconvient since you have to lug multipule systems and tvs with you. So i understand why there trading them in favor of online play but i don't see why they have to cut out the older options all together. is it really so time consuming to keep the option of local co-op or local multiplayer in a game?

I hate online multiplayer. the only reason i played LAN parties is because it was funny as hell to watch your friends reactions as you blew the shit out of each other. some of the best times i can remeber revolved around a group of friends, booze, and a couple of copies of halo 2 (and the tv and systems required to play them)

I out and out refuse to play co-op online. if you don't have a buddy right next to you it's like playing with a bot. the one exception i will make is if you have an honest to goodness friend that doesn't live near you, even then playing online co-op feels like having a pen pal rather than a friend.

Even though Colin McRae Rally 4 can be played over LAN fine, at the semi-annual lanparties I have with my friends we often play it in four player split screen. There's just some magical attraction to crowding around a single pc. Having a screen with 1600 x 1200 pixels, ye olde resolution of 800 x 600 fits in it four times exactly. Hook up two USB keyboards (four people using four keys on a single keyboard is asking for trouble - hands won't fit and too many simultaneous keypresses will be discarded), and have a great game.

And of course no lanparty is complete without a game of Achtung, die Kurve! It's not even split screen, just six people crowding at a single keyboard and mouse.

I love split screen, it is so under-appreciated!

My housemate and I occasionally rent a game and play through it co-op in one sitting but our choices have been severely limited as of late; we've done Gears of War 1 + 2, Perfect Dark XBLA, Perfect Dark Zero and Army of Two 40 Days.

We nearly got the new Splinter Cell game out but the back said that it was a separate campaign for co-op although the back was quite ambiguous. Can anyone tell me if it is a co-op single player campaign plus an additional small campaign designed for co-op or if it is just a separate tagged on addition a la Modern Warfare 2 which, whilst fun, wasn't exactly the same because it was short 5-10 minute blasts rather than the actual game.

If you have a ps3, Resistance: fall of man has 2 player co-op campiagn's.

So few split screen titles these days. Its such a pity considering that TV's have gotten significantly bigger than the PS2 days.

Although, i'm grateful for Borderlands, Pixeljunk Monsters, Sonic & Sega AllStars racing, Army of Two, and Trine.

I hope developers look at this thread and stop thinking about amazing graphics, but put some effort into better gameplay and more co-op stuff!!

Honestly? Local multiplayer is great IF you know alot of friends who want to do it. I really don't. Hell, I have maybe 2 friends I know who are gamers - and honestly, I don't really like'em enough to want to invite them to my house, heh.

This is a post that I think should be recognised.


I miss bots! Me and my sister used to love playing Red Faction (1+2) in local multiplayer split screen in a team by ourselves against as many enemy bots as possible.

I wish modern games would go back to those days :(

This. Even game I know from 2001 and 2004 have no bots or splitscreen, it's starting to really annoy me. I oughta stock up on obscure PS2 games... got any recommendations?

I miss the times when me and my Dad would do slip-screen Formula 1 or Fifa together. Whilst I did hate having a smaller area to look at nostalgia has come back to remind me of a time where games were more exclusive. Although I have found online gaming allows me to stay in touch with friends easier.

While I have been an avid critic of Halo 3, the lack of bots makes it that much less enjoyable when you're unable to connect your 360 to the internet. Meaning with only two controllers it's a constant duel.

Roll on Timesplitters!

The best split screen (for overall) was Perfect Dark on the N64, just a fun game with friends or bots and loads of weapons

An example of one thing I don't like:

Distinct local and online multiplayer. The Call of Duty games are the worst for this. You can play with your friends in the same room. You can play with your friends online. But you can't play with both at once.

But Halo 3 allows this. Play with your friends locally, then take your party of friends online from the same console - you and your mates in the same room can play against other people (friends or strangers) online. Call of Duty is a step backwards in multiplayer integration.

I'm so glad this article was posted. Just a couple days ago I had a few of my mates over and we had barely anything to play other than FIFA.

I had to get my mate to bring his copy of Motostorm Pacific Rift so we could actually play a racing game together, which by the way is incredibly fun with 4 player plus 8 CPU's.

Rag Doll Kung Fu also offered an hour or so of 4 player histerical madness. Good times.

While I never used to play a lot of split-screen games back in my time, the ones that I did play were usually more enjoyable than an online experience. LAN has also always been a big part of how I like to play, and I'm very disappointed when I hear that games like StarCraft 2 are not going to include them (I think it even needs you to log on to play the single-player mode, which is just ridiculous).

The worst part is, yes, most gamers aren't going to put their hands up and avoid buying these games. Why? Because many of them are highly anticipated, especially when concerning sequels to games (like StarCraft 2) that people have been waiting to get their hands on for years!

I don't know about you all, but I for one would love to see the return of split-screens and LAN support.

It awful. They assume that we all have steady fast internet and that we're willing to shell out extra cash to play online (in Xbox's case) and it's just not worth it. Like Yahtzee has said I think (and probably many others) multiplayer is more fun when you can hit your friend for being a d-bag in the game. And about the whole bots thing, you can't tell me that it's too hard to make realistic enemies to play against. It's more just more money if more people have to buy the game to play with each other


I miss bots! Me and my sister used to love playing Red Faction (1+2) in local multiplayer split screen in a team by ourselves against as many enemy bots as possible.

I wish modern games would go back to those days :(

This. Even game I know from 2001 and 2004 have no bots or splitscreen, it's starting to really annoy me. I oughta stock up on obscure PS2 games... got any recommendations?

Timesplitters 2 and Red Faction 1+2 are the only ones that come to mind at the moment

If it doesn't have split screen multiplayer, I dont buy it (if its a shooter), This is the only reason I dont own Battlefield Bad company 2, since it has no split screen, to me its bargin bin or nothing.

I dont even HAVE xbox live. I played ghost recon 1and2 with my father and brother split screen and it was one of my favorite experiences. Also, they didn't just make it player vs player they added a hunting mode that let you actually track down and kill AI. With an actual secondary campaign built for multiplayer, I think ghost recon had the right idea, I just wish other games would come back to it.

The only time I truly prefer "splitscreen" co-op or multiplayer is when I play a fighting game for the simple reason that since most fighting games today rely on elaborate combo strings for maximum damage, the inherent lag of online play makes it difficult to pull off certain attacks or even notations. And of course there are some tactics that only work offline and vice-versa.

As it stands, the only shooters I play online are L4D2 and Borderlands, and I only play with people on my friends list for that. For those types of games, given how frantic they can and often do get, playing online has an advantage over local splitscreen since you have a wider range of view, especially since most companies are abandoning toggling between horizontal and vertical notations (largely in favor of the former).

Just my (-twenty)two cents.

I remember being so pumped after I beat Crackdown. I invited my friends over to play with me because I had just downloaded the free four player multiplayer patch. I discovered -- long after everyone else, I'm sure -- that many games these days don't support local four player games.

It really bugs me that splitscreen is slowly being phased out.
Considering that TV's are getting the widescreen treatment and have respectable sizes already...

What annoys me now is that in some games, instead of cutting the screen horizontal or vertical some games give the players a tiny box each to play with.

COD WAW did this, Resident Evil 5 did it as well on my LCD TV, but I swear that on a normal def TV it was just normal Split Screen...

At the very least, if games are focusing so much on online play, atleast put Online, LAN and Split Screen CO-OP into the game. The other player doesn't have to effect the story at all, they can be a clone of Player One for all I care. There's just not enough games that support CO-OP be it Online or not.

Call Of Jaurez 2 could have so used CO-OP, considering it had the "Don't let yer pardner die on yez" critical mission on basically every mission.

I just think any game with a form of CO-OP will be brilliant. I wasn't too fond of Doom 3 Singleplayer but CO-OP? Man those were the days.

Totally agree. Halo was so fun in Split Screen, and this was what made Golden Eye so good in the first place anyway.

Hope this changes!

I miss bots! Me and my sister used to love playing Red Faction (1+2) in local multiplayer split screen in a team by ourselves against as many enemy bots as possible.

I wish modern games would go back to those days :(

Well, Gears of War 2 has bots so it's not completely dead.

If it doesn't have split screen multiplayer, I dont buy it (if its a shooter), This is the only reason I dont own Battlefield Bad company 2, since it has no split screen, to me its bargin bin or nothing.

It's kind of the same thing for me too. I'm a PC gamer so it's all about LAN support for me.

I was so excited when I learned that Bad Company 2 was coming to the PC. The thoughts of the fun and laughs as couple of my friends and I battled with droves of mindless bots (as we have done so often in Battlefield 2) through nearly 100% destructible environments. Then I learn that there is exactly ZERO lan support. As soon as I learned that it was scratched off my list. Here's hoping that Battlefield 3 (if it ever happens) uses that beautiful Frostbite engine and has LAN support.

I'm glad I'm not the only out there that's lamenting the diminishing LAN/local multiplayer support that's been happening lately.

I wish more games would support split screen w/ online play. I tried playing Border Lands with my girlfriend on line with some friends of ours and I was severely disappointed when we found out SS wasn't supported online. We both had gold memberships too, so I know that wasn't a issue.

I found a used xbox really cheap, but found out it was banned from Live. So I tried doing system link and bought several copies of Saint's Row II, Crack down, and Left4Dead. I got the first 2 to work nice on system link, but Left4Dead is complaining that the versions don't match. I assume its because my original xbox has all sorts patches and updates. Sine the other xbox can't get online, should I just sell my other copy or is there a way to get the patch to it via thumb drive?

Timesplitters 2, 007 Agent under Fire and Nightfire, Medal of Honor.... I continue to play these with my friends because they are so much damn fun. It easier to bond with friends when you are in the same room. I like online gameplay but I still believe multiplayer is better when all combatants are in the same room (and thus capable of throwing pillows or cats at you, all in good fun). I rarely play TF2 anymore because it is more fun to go crazy as a Monkey in Timesplitters 2. Sorry Valve.

I think split screen games are a soon to be a thing of the past. Maybe its just the people I know, but I have a hard time finding anybody willing to play a game when its squished into the tunnel vision of 1/2 or 1/4 of a screen. Especially when it is included like Gears of War, and there is no option to make the split vertical, which to me would make much more sense on a widescreen TV.
Local multiplayer is still awesome though, and I'm pretty confident it wont go away. Maybe when hardware is powerful enough, and monitors are super cheap, game consoles will have the option to plug in up to 4 monitors or TVs doing away with split screen, and keeping all your friends in the room to play.

I'm gonna pick on you, but it's not just you, a LOT of people want that dang verticle split. Here is why it sucks. Periphial vision is absolutely key in first person shooters. Without it, you don't know who is shooting you, and you don't know who to shoot. I made the sorry mistake of playing through the entire Vegas 2 coop campaign in verticle split. AND omg was I ill from it. Screen real-estate is not the issue, as we played on my 160 inch projection screen. . . but 8:9 is not an acceptable screen ratio! The 16:5 split does feel a little wierd at first, but play through Gears 1 or 2 and then try to go back to Vegas. I dare you.

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