LoadingReadyRun: Conan's Witnesses

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The call back to, Door to Door, the first LoadingReadyRun video I saw (almost six years ago) made it for me.

Kathleen's creepy stare was the best bit :)

YES!!! YES!!! I'm sorry, I'm such a fan-boy but I saw where the video was going and though, "Oh yeah, it's like that old video, "Door to Door" you produced when you were first starting, only with higher quality." And than you do the stinger and I am rewarded for my fanboy nature.

Anyway, as a person who has seen Conan the Barbarian (well the NC review anyway) I got all the jokes and enjoyed a lot. Keep up the good work you zany Candians!

The comments are 1000x times funnier than the video.

Initially I though this was a remake but then I saw that the jokes were different. + at the end you put in that initial episode that inspired this one.

Kathleen made me laugh the whole time. She almost sold me on...however you spell that god's name.

The call back to, Door to Door, the first LoadingReadyRun video I saw (almost six years ago) made it for me.

It's been six years... wow, just wow.

Almost seven because Door to Door was one of the last videos in season one.

This is my new favorite.


Link to Door to Door, the spiritual prequel and stinger at the end.

Well, I like Satan, but I also like Crom, only one way to find out........... FIGHT!!!

Distorted Stu:
My History teacher was called Mr Howard also. FUCK HIM!

Great episode :)

Interesting; my history teacher was Dr. Howard, but he was English.

Though he did give us a lesson on Billy Talent once =/

By the way.... how the hell did Jer get ahold of Science Paul's goggles!?
And what did he need them for anyway?

Oh wow.. I saw the "crushing your enemies..."-part coming from miles away.

Also, Wolfram|Alpha agrees.

ahhhhh She should've said it in Austrian accent. it would've been perfect then, especially the "Lamentation of their women" bit. classic...

So I do nothing for Crom...

...and he does nothing for me?


Kathleen's stare...creeped me out.

Good episode, very funny.

ahhhhh She should've said it in Austrian accent. it would've been perfect then, especially the "Lamentation of their women" bit. classic...

(Austrian Accent) ...then to hell with you!

Good enough for ya!

that was pretty much just freaking epic! LOL
so great, really

Ahahahaha! Oooh man, that one was great. I especially enjoyed the ending.

Great Skit guys. Probably your best one yet. And that expression Kathleen makes when she whips out that sword was priceless.

Good stuff.
Almost made me spit cereal onto my laptop

Great episode, loved it.

I love the bit at the end with the church of Satan

I'm glad they referenced their old sketch of the Satan Worshippers at the end, that made me feel good inside ^_^

So yeah, who wants to Worship Cron?

Conan's Witnesses

Crom can be a very convincing deity.

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As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I probably shouldn't have even watched that video & although it was mildly amusing, I found it offensive at best.

Otherwise, you guys aren't too bad, this was just in bad taste. Kthxbai.

Haha, references to earlier sketches are genius.

Aw man, it seems everyone and their dog has at least one katana these days. I'll have to make something new for my collection.

Oh and by the way, the goggles in the beginning from science Paul are Amigo flip-up welding goggles. I've got a pair myself, they originally come in gold but they're not too hard to repaint. I've done mine in copper and silver and added some steampunk doohickeys to mine.

By Crom! They did a Conan episode! Huzzah!!!!! I'm gonna have to show this one to my brother. xD

"Have you thought about accepting Satan as your personal Overlord and Master?" Laughed right there. Good work.

LOVED the throwback to "Door to Door". Another hilarious work, guys. Keep 'em coming!

After 6 years still trying to recruit members? Hate to say it but give up already Graham and Paul

From the title I thought they'd try sign him up to be with Coco.

Same, but then I thought for a bit, and realized that would've been at 30 second sketch, at best.

Loved this one, though. Didn't know they had an older sketch that was similar. Found both very enjoyable.

I was thinking it was similar to the Satanist one from ages ago, loved the reference. And I think that video made me just fall strangely in love with Kathleen.

Oh shit, I didn't know Kathleen could be that creepy!

One of LRR's better offerings of late; keep up the good work. :-)

Also, that is an amazing pin, and I want one.

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