Unskippable: Let's Play: Legaia 2: Part 1

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So, it's been seven days, where's the non-premium version of Part 2?

So, it's been seven days, where's the non-premium version of Part 2?

Here: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/lets-play/2032-Legaia-2-Part-2

Sorry for the delay. We had some technical difficulties at the moon base this morning.

why is pauls mic so much louder than the other guys (dont know his name)

OMG how did i miss this lets play bit, even better the games a sequel to a game i played when i was like around 7-8 which was epic :D

God Worm:
You know...since those two mention it all the time...I kind of want them to suffer/enjoy the uphill jog that is Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time. Good memories...in hindsight.


That's part one of seven.
They suffered it before they ever joined up with the Escapist.

You guys really need to get Retsupurae'd.

i watched a part of this when it was on
i have to say i found it hilarious despite the occassional technical problems
and can't encourage you enough to do another Let's play guys

Oh dear god, I hope by everything that is holy that the Retsupurae guys get ahold of this. This is Playtennis14 quality, goddamn.

At last, i get to see it.

Man, you guys do ALLOT of stuff for Escapist...

I really hope this continues and you guys make "Let's Play" a regular thing, I know it's unlikely to be a weekly thing, since you guys are doing two series as it is, but still, this compliments the Unskippable series greatly.

Funny as always.

Also, where there any Let's Play series your staff particularly enjoyed, or inspired the idea of starting your own take on the concept? Most of them are so awful and hard to watch, but there are a very, very small few that are actually fun to watch and have a sort of 'Riffing' quality to them.

It's hard to find Let's Plays that are both funny and fun to watch (at the very least, watchable), rather then a walkthrough with bad dubbing, so a Let's Play series by you guys appeals to me immensely. I like this format as well, bite-sized pieces (though I wish I could've seen the live stream)

As a side-note, if I where to recommend two Let's Plays that are actually funny and fun to watch, I'd list "Let's Play Limbo of the Lost!" by Eutinbon and "Let's Play Hey You Pikachu!" by Bladedlightning, both horrifically bad games, Limbo of the Lost especially.

Seriously, "Limbo of the Lost" is the "Manos: The Hands of Fate" of video games, it even got pulled for being so horrible (well, actually, for stealing all its backgrounds from other games, but still)

You say you like to watch let's plays yourselves, can you say who you like? (I'm only asking this because my brother is an idiot saying it's "pointless" and "stupid" to watch let's plays, and only thinks it would make sense to watch you let's play because you're comedians and would "actually keep people entertained".)

Ignore this comment(as in this specific comment)-it was an accident.

Ignore this comment also!

honestly thaught when they were watching their own video that they were gonna do an unskipable ont heir own video xD

I'm going back to watch all these again, and it looks like I'll be enjoying them just as much as I first did.
It only just occurred to me, though, that the "crystal which produces an unlimited amount of water" idea is something I've seen on an episode of Samurai Jack, and Genndy Tartakovsky pulled it off far better - mostly because it involves future-Chicago future-gangsters. And because it was made by Genndy Tartakovsky.

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