Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

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Want on PC :/


Thanks for pointing out the poor physics. I knew there was something wrong when I played the demo and now I can see that Sonic 4's physics are just completely nonsensical. Epic fail, Sega. Hopefully they will continue to listen to the fans and improve Episode 2 so that it's actually a competent follow up to the originals.

The general consensus on this game is that it's just an HD clone of the first few games. And this is a bad thing, because that's totally not exactly what the fans have been clamoring for, for seven goddamn years.

What about the 7 chaos emeralds? Did you even try to collect them to unlock the real ending and supersonic?

This sounds exactly like a review for when the game came out IN THE 90S. Watching that, all I pretty much saw was Sonic the Hedgehog in HD. Nothing new at all.

The sounds of those springs... so .. many... memories.

Why exactly is this NOT on the DS? This title is perfect for a handheld.

probably because it's episodic, they might release it on DS when all the episodes are out.

Greg, while you were the perfect person to review the game since you have never played the earlier additions, I couldn't help but wish you had played the originals when you started talking about the boss fights.

They went back to their roots alright, but they went waaay too far back. It seems like they recreated an old game in 3d with new gimmicks here and there. Though I can't help but wonder if it was because of the love that one video got where the person made a 3d sonic 3 version.

As for the new gimmicks, the cards, the torch... Those may not be appealing to others, but it is atleast a small hint that they are coming up with new things, even if it seems that the cards are there to show off that sonic is in 3d and I can't help but wonder how the torch doesn't extinguish when he spin jumps or runs really fast.

I will probably wait till they release more parts of the sonic game and grab them as a bundle, I have been doing that with the half life episodes and... well... Saved me the trouble of having to whine about a certain episode not coming out. xD

the boss battles in sonic have always been the lamest part "jump on ship to beat boss" gets old after 3 games

Looks like fun. Too bad I suck at 2D platformers.

Anyone else notice that all those bosses are all exact copies of bosses from previous sonic games?

Why exactly is this NOT on the DS? This title is perfect for a handheld.

That's a good question, actually. Probably to compensate for the exclusivity of Sonic Rush (and Adventure) on the DS.

Anyone else notice that all those bosses are all exact copies of bosses from previous sonic games?

They're not EXACTLY the same, but the similarity of each boss fight compared to those of the original Sonic games is what Dimps was going for: a retro feel, so that fans could feel like they were playing a Genesis title over again but with minor twists to keep them on their toes.

Lord Xtheth:
Wait... the review and posts make this sound like there's only 3 or 4 levels... and its STILL 1200 points?! thats something like $15 a pop. Granted if there are only 3 episodes, it will come out to $45 which is a good price for a new game, but honestly $15 for 4 levels doesn't quite cut it for me.
I don't think I'm getting Sonic 4 at all

That's what it sounds like, yeah, but each of the 'levels' they're talking about have 4 acts each. And each act is a level. So it sounds like a better deal now, right? :D

I'm not going to get caught up in the argument about this game. Just wanted to clarify something.

The thing I liked the most about the Sonic games was the music. I'm sure a lot of people are going to hate on me for that, but I liked it.

baaah! its not dr. eggman its dr. robotnick. sorry that was just bugging me, it would be like caller bowser... um i dont know..... dinoshell or some thing lol

Here's my two cents.

Is it a great game? Yes.

But is it worthy of being the sucessor to 3&K? It's hard to say.

Don't get me wrong, this is the first time Sonic Team has done something right in a looooonnng time, and this game is great in it's own right. But let's just pretend that the game was for the megadrive. PHYSICS ASIDE Sure the graphics would look great and the homing attack will work wonders, but I would seriously doubtthat anyone will think it's that good. Sonic 3&K is my most favorite sonic game of all time, and people seem to forget what new things it brought to the table (sonic's Instashield/Barrier powers for example) and as for Sonic 4, Barely anything new and innovative was introduced. I know alot have happened inbetween Sonic 3 and 4, resulting in very little wiggle room in terms of scamatics (which kind of lowered my expectations a bit), but I was expecting something spectacular. I was suprised how much was rehashed in this game. For example, the special stages came straight out of sonic 1. Now, I know that Sega is experimenting in the first installment and don't want to try anything new, yet. But, this seems more like Sonic Nostalgia other than Sonic 4. Even most of the Eggman battles were rehashed straight from sonic 1&2.

Now I heard that SEGA searched the forums of popular sonic fansite to see what would they would want in a Sonic game. That's the problem. OF COURSE they would want another sonic 2. The thing is that most of the time, fanboys don't know what they want (yes, I'm aware that I'm talking about myself in this matter), they look back at something relevant that they liked and they want more of that. Having more of the same thing does not a good sequal make. Do you think after sonic 1, the fans are like, "This game is good, but do you know what would make the game better? If sonic had a sidekick, who is a faox with two tails, and who can fly!" ? Of course fanboys won't say that. Even though Tails was useless in Sonic 2, he still was a great addition to the franchise and SEGA made it even better when you were able to control him in Sonic 3 and he could discover differ paths in the level.

I'm just rambling on, here.

But, basically, although I don't think it's nearly as good as the first three, it's still a good game. But with four stages with most of them being rehashes, and for $15? Though I played it on my friend's wii, should I download it myself?

I know going back to the fundementals is a good remedy for these shitty sonic games, but releasing a copy of those games will not bring Sonic back to his former glory. Nowadays, I just think people are getting desparate.

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