Daily Drop: Pumpkin Votive

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That would have been so much better if the candle was lit (and had been for about 10 minutes), then you would have (possibly) had the candlelight reflected in the shards of glass, a smoke trail and dancing molten wax (possibly turning from a liquid to a solid in slow motion).

Perhaps that can be saved for Christmas / Thanksgiving / Chanukah /etc season. And instead of one, several. And instead of just falling onto concrete, falling into the center of a circle of candles, so we can observe shrapnel hitting wax and disrupting fire.

Im still waiting for the water baloon agenst some spikes.

Reading that sign on the freight makes me kinda nervous that one of the daily drops is going to be himself >_<



Maybe that will wipe that smirk off your face !

Awesome drop. I couldn't be more glad the creepy doll stayed the hell out of this video...

I love his expression, smiling to the end.

That one was sweet. Also, thank you for going back to the original music! Not that the other music was bad...but the original tune just flows so much better. Love it.

And on its way down, a single thought flashed through the mind of the pumpkin votive:

"Oh no, not again."

I really liked this one becose it broke a lot

That one was really pretty. tomorrow is going to be a blast

At :55, the light shining on the candle kind of makes it look like a smiley face.

Seriously, does anyone else see it?

(4 dots on the bottom of the candle, two make eyes, and then the light connects the other two into a smile for a second or two.)

Its beautiful to watch. Damn I love high speed cameras.

How did I miss this one?

Screw a bunch of skull globe, this is my new favorite halloween drop!

I wouldn't have thought that broken glass shards looked so pretty in slow-mo.

That shatter and the sound it made was extremely satisfying.

That was cool. The best part was the rewind, where some of the smallest pieces could be seen taking some wild trajectories.

let's put a FROWN on that face...

Loved the slo-mo tinkle effect^-^

That drop was wicked! :-p

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