Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

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Another great review, the now darker gloomy RPGs actually are starting to put me off them all. Guess that will change Friday with Pokemon B/W, don't think that could be any more of the opposite of what these darker games are like.

Srdjan Tanaskovic:
you play a demanding game on a laptop?

I don't think I'd even call it a demanding game. I'm still running on my Geforce 8800 from 4 years ago and have no trouble running the game almost maxed out at 1680x1050 with consistently at least 25FPS or better.

That's hardly cutting edge. He must have a really slow laptop.

And as other people have mentioned, it allows you to swap between 3 different entire sets of weapons and armor. That was Yahtzee's own fault for not paying attention to the tutorial or reading the instructions.

Granted, as far as the actual game, it has a fair number of problems outside of that and it could be a much better game, but his complaints seem to be more his own fault.

I personally found it to be a huge improvement over the original and I think people should give it a shot, just don't expect a lot.

The best way I can describe the overall gameplay and art style is the Fable and Gothic games mixed together. The combat seems to take some inspiration from the hack n slash style of Fable, and the heavier RPG stats of Gothic. It strikes a weird balance between the two, if you're hoping for something as smooth/actiony/responsive as Fable, it's a bit behind in that regard. And if you're hoping for something with more RPG depth the likes of Gothic or other more hardcore-ish RPGs, it's not as deep, but the controls work a lot better. Basically, it's the middle ground between a mix of the two. It's kind of interesting and fun if you can ignore the rough edges, but still could use good amount of polish on the concept to make it a solid game. it's still a *huge* improvement over that pile of shit first game though.

I'd recommend most people if they're curious either give it a rental or wait until the game is available at budget price. Not remotely worth more than that, but it's still kind of entertaining.

I played the game half way through and I can very well say regarding the storyline which is a tangled mess.The inventory is as well very chaotic and quite challenging to shuffle through to find the right item/ingredient that you need.

So couldn't agree more with you Mr.Croshaw,great review yet again!

He said in his column that he had been playing Two Worlds 2 so this isn't surprising. Couldn't get into TW2. It should be reasonably simple to execute an RPG story which isn't time-specific or immediately desperately urgent and instead draws you in over time. Beginning the game in desperate fashion always makes the pre-real-quest lull difficult.

SO disappointed with Bulletstorm. Thought it was going to usher in some kind of FPS revolution.

I'm surprised, I was expecting this week's video to be Bulletstorm. And you never reviewed Hawx 2 or Metro 2033, I thought you would like those games.

Puff the magic dragon is a rather bitter sweet song if you get to the final verse

Yet another satisfying review. I don't know what is with this episode, though... I think I got hypnotized by the video and before I knew it, it was over...

Say what you want about JRPGs, at least they create new and different worlds with each one(admittedly, the characters are often just paper-thin cut-outs). Western RPGs = Lord of the Rings or D&D(which is just another form of Lord of the Rings), almost every single time. (Don't get me wrong, I love Lord of the Rings, but it's not the only possibility for a fantasy setting.)

As for the bleak, dark settings, you can blame that on the gamers that always complained about games that were colorful and happy and gave praise to all the dystopian, monochromatic color-palette games as being realistic.

eh...numerical keyboards ctrls never work for me
also, that poor 'credits' imp :P

2W2 is actually fully aware it doesn't deserve a sequel. Hell, it makes alot of jokes about Two Worlds 1.

Hey! We feel the same about open world Western RPGs! I almost never get them because of that, seeing as the one time I picked up New Vegas I ended up saying fuck the tutorial, murdered everyone in town, ganked their stuff, and went on to do battle with every NCR, Powder Ganger, and irradiated bug in sight. It's fun, but one break and I lose all motivation to attempt the story.

I have to agree with Yahtzee about how most Western RPGs tend to have so much side missions that you forget the main plot. When I was playing Oblivion, I had actually forgotten what the purpose of the main mission was while doing the five other 'main' side quests (assassins guild, fighter's guild, etc).

Loved it when he started playing with the Two Worlds Two title.

Actually, there is a recent fantasy game with wizards that isn't grim: Magicka. You could only get it less grim by playing the theme for "Monty Python and the Flying Circus".

Good to see that South Peak released a decent game. You certaintly will not be strapped for content. The game is worth the money for what you get.

OT: Yeah these kinds of role-playing games seem to be trying too hard. It feels like there's almost too much stuff in them.

But that's they way rpgs should be. There should be so much stuff that most players don't get to see everything... at least not on the first playthrough. That's why so many people like rpgs: they're a great value.

Personally, I like when a game stuffs "too much" content into itself, rpg or not. It's one of the things that makes San Andreas so damn endearing.

I was thinking about saying something about the cross until he mentioned it. Didn't know Yahtzee read Cracked.

I personally had fun with the game.

I played it on the pc with a 360 pad and left up and right on the dpad lets you quick change between 3 equipment sets, wouldnt it have been a better idea to equip a sword and shield in 1 and a bow on the other so you can just switch with them?

Personally I used it for a fighter set a ranger set and a magician set lol

Why did they even make a sequel? The previous product was bashed to Narnia.
I can understand stuff like "Fallout 3", Hell even "Godfather 3" where the previous stuff was worth it's money. But this is ridicoulus, like "World War II 2 - Now with more Mustach Power!"



As unnecessary as shouting is, I am having the same problem.

Who else reads Cracked??

While I do agrea Two worlds 1 - 2 had alot of prental. The idea was nice and all other then forcing you to play the bounty hunters and not letting you make your characters. The game felt like the spent more time in money on the graphics then the more important stuff lile Gameplay and Story. Yes the gear upgrading system was a great idea. Able to combine two items into a slightly more power items. Poison really feels like poison in their world not this lame monior not really threating dots.

It was a shame they did not do a better job with the two worlds 2. That could have been a great fanticy rpg if they could stop being so damn lazy with their coding.

Then again beside Dragon Age. What was the last good rpg fanticy in the last 10 years. The only thing that came close to good was Morrowind. Which was ok/decent at best.
Do not say oblivion. That game was so bloody terrible. I know it was. I played Daggerfall and Arena back when they where first launched. Sadly those games did not age so well. Infact the remakes are just plan broken and no where near as good as they where on launch. I hoping Skyrim might be a step two the good old days. Having people actully rp and not just smash the exc button on dialog. Hit yes I do it and then let a damn quest marker do all the bloody work for you.

It like the new gamers are just to lazy to even read the quest and rp anymore. They want the game to do all the work for them. Like Oblivion did with both fallout 3 and fallout new vegas. At less New vegas was not afraid to punish you for being an idiot and not reading. Oh look a death claw that I can not hurt at this low level. I am so dead.

It still sounds exponentially better than the first one, which I which I had never wasted time with...

Maybe not everyone played wild 9. It's the same odd ball reason all the net dorks had to whine about the Lion king being ripped off some obscure anime no ones ever heard of or cared about.

They abused my childhood hero god damnit!!


You know this wont get you any help... No wait it will...

Wait few hours and try again... And don't ever do something like this again.

On topic:

I though ZP couldn't speak that fast when he said hes version on of the "title".
Heart warming and reminder of why I don't buy games till they hit the 3 games for 20euros shelf in my local gamestop.

This game... actually sounds better than I had first thought, from this video. A good majority of the things Yahtzee was complaining about here are things I tend to like in a game. Complexity and a requirement for perfect accuracy are pluses, as far as I'm concerned. this one's on my bargain bin roster.

That comment about the Cracked article at the end has me so pleased. When I saw the upside-down cross it was the first thing I thought of.

Good review as ever. Oh, and I just found out Yahtzee is from the same town as me. Obviously he moved to australia to distance himself from its mediocrity.

As Cracked (in its collective glory) and zero punctuation are possibly my two favourite things on this so called interweb, I am glad to see some kind of crossover/acknowledgement or whatever...

Hmm thats strange i got two euro today and two of my friends lost two euro between them.

Your right where does the second world come from?

Anyone knows where I can get Liquorice and Goulash magic? They sound awesome. Nice review, by the way.

Utterly hilarious. I had to rewind one part because I was laughing too hard at the incredibly evil voice bit to hear what he was saying.

It's a game I've little or no interest in playing, but for laughs per second this is Yahtzee's best in ages.

Quick technical question... why did two worlds one get a sequel?

Onyx Oblivion:
That magic system sounds interesting to me. I'll pick this up after the inevitable, and hopefully swift, price drop.

It looks interesting on paper, but it's actually really ...drab.
The customization is basically just an illusion.
You'll just end up combining element+bolt/spray and spam the same spell while backpedaling all the time.
And actually using magic is kind of a pain.
It's often less powerful than melee, enemies often are resistant to your main element, it's slower than melee, and it's limited by mana.
The main use of magic that I can think of is to buff your stats by a percentage, which is actually pretty nice.
Still, alchemy is more powerful, lasts longer, is quicker, requires much fewer points to be useful, and ingredients are abundant.

I don't know, the magic system was pretty good once you got into it. Any game that lets me fire a fireball that explodes and summons 6 stone golems on contact is okay in my book. :P

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