Escape to the Movies: Super Mario Bros. (Rough Cut)

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I was slightly confused by the lack of April Fools' stuff on here. There we go.

Though kind of less funny as it progressed, sadly...

Best film ever?

Hahaha good stuff :')

MMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I dunno man. That joke Mario Brothers clip from a couple weeks ago was way funnier. I love you Bob but swing and a miss dude!

you had me up until the 5D part good one Bob

All I can say is this. Fucking awesome. If that was real it would be the most awesome film ever.

You made my day, kind sir.

Nice April Fools, Moviebob.

You actually had me going all the way up until you said 5D. Honestly. And what did I tell my self this morning when I started browsing the net? DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING I SEE ON THE INTERNET TODAY.

But contrats to Bob I guess. The whole premise was actually plausible enough to convince me. In fact if it wasn't for the 5D and the following Smash initiative part I might have still believed you.

I figured it out as soon as that fag from Jersey Shore was mentioned, I figured Bob was up to something but when he said Mike "The Situation" was Mario it smacked me in the face that he was joking.

Ohhhhhh Right Right... April Fools Day; Never took the day that seriously Really.

On topic -

As soon as I saw all the mentions of Like Keisha and The Rock I knew it was a gag, the whole 5D thing thing does however does sound like it could be real and/or something Nintendo would either start or jump on.

Please, someone make this movie.

Sorry, but that was a bit TOO obvious =/ Nice try though!

Foolish fools of April!

MY enjoyment of this is hampered by the fact that approximately 30% of the people who view this may indeed think such a film is real.

You had me for about 50 seconds.

Pretty lame as an april fools in all honesty. You should've at least TRIED to convince people it was real. An april fools is only funny if some people genuinely believe that its real.

If anyone DID happen to believe this, then i despair.

"Super Mario Bros movie." Hmmm, this can't be real, right?
"Mongolia." Yeah, this must be a joke. Right?
"The Situation stars as Mario." OK, yeah, it's a joke. A good one too.

now I want nintendo to create a smash bros movie. Something like subspace enemy but more epic and it would actually have dialog.

Also, I could see and F-Zero movie working well, it would basically be a grittier version of the new speedracer film that would hopefully suck less. Since it's a racing game that has always had the feeling like their is a bit of stuff going on behind the scenes as long as they include some cool race scenes it would give the writers a lot of flexibility with the rest of the plot. It would be really funny to see Black Shadow in live action.

Good one, best April Fools I've seen today if not quite as sarcastically funny as Yahtzee's Duke Nukem Forever.

Still sounds better than the actual SMB movie.

OK, I was worried this would be overlong and tortured, but there were some genuine laugh-out-loud moments sprinkled throughout. I especially loved "Don Keikong", "Mr. Segale", and Tyler Perry's take on Kirby.

April 1st is actually the perfect date for this, considering what a wasteland for new film releases it is.

That was fun, nice work

not even gonna lie. kinda wish this was real.

Best prank review since Yahtzee's "Duke Nukem Forever" video. Excellent work, Bob. Especially loved "Wommy Tiseau".

Well played, Bob.

Well played.

*shrug* wasn't that bad on an april fool, but feel a bit weak

Would rather have got a movie review


I was pretty bored watching that, normally "escape to the movies" is my favourite contribution to the site.

Prof. Monkeypox:
Ha ha ha...?

While I understand that an April Fool's prank is tradition, I would have been much happier with a standard review.

Also, no offense to Bob (I love you), but I'm not a fan of your original comedy and story lines. That's why I was turned off my your "Antithinker" thing.

Nice try, and there were some moments that made me laugh, but I was too busy being disappointed to enjoy it as much as I could have.

See you next week.

You said everything I needed to say. Good lord, Bob's comedy is dire. This is the first movie Bob video I started skipping through to see if there was anything that wasn't a waste of my time, or at least something faintly amusing; a major achievement for a 5 minute video.

that was mean
in a good funny way
nice one bob

I want a gritty reboot of the Mario franchise! lol

Daaaaamn, this April Fools was hilarious. I just burst laughing at Martin Lawrence in The LEgend of Zelda xDDDDDD

Eh. Would've been funnier if everyone and their mom hadn't already done a dark and gritty Mario parody.

P.S. Thanks

Oh my god! The Shy Guy cult are all Slender clones /gasp!

Nice one Bob, but now you must review the actual Super Mario Bros movie next week...

Good show, sir. "The Situation" is the absolute perfect choice in the personification of so many aspects of my childhood.

I was buying it untill mike the situation haha

This must have been the one where you worked the hardest. So much editing.

Just keep it up bob, you're totally no trolling....

You for it to be an April Fools Joke it kind of actually needs to be a) funny or b) believable, or better yet, both... this was neither.

I thought the purpose of the April Fool's pranks was to be believable...and funny, guess not.

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