Jimquisition: Defending Call of Duty

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Terrible. There's nothing more annoying than someone who counters hyperbolic criticism of something with a hyperbolic strawman argument.

Whatever, I can't really agree with this, it's too easy to contradict other opinions by making them sound ridiculous and irrational, taking any critique done to the game as a personal critique to the person playing it.

CoD is not liked because it symbolizes a way of developing videogames that leads to stagnation and repetition, it's not only the game itself but an icon on the errors on the industry. The games themselves are OK, I am not a fan of multiplayer so I have nothing to say in regards of that, my experience in CoD multiplayer comes from listeting to little cunts scream "fag" over and over again, which kinda makes it all quite unappealing...and quite sub-mental.

But as the problems for the game itself, I would say it's just the whole militaristic, war glamourizing background to all of it. Ideologically, I can't support something that glorifies war, be it a videogame or a movie (I also think 300 is shit). I do believe there is quite a perverse background to all of this.

I've never really had a problem with call of duty its just that they have put not enough into single player (for the majority). but its more multi-player that annoys me.except from black ops i liked the multi player in the other games but BO seems to me alot worse than the others, mainly because of the people that play it, but I feel its not just the players fault.

hopefully MW3 will be better because I've heard that there are different companys doing the different aspects of it. so MW3 is either going to be really good or really bad


Less vitriol and more review! More of the same please.

Can't say I like the game though, but that has more to do with a bad first impression. Played an online multi-player game and couldn't make any headway since people were shooting me though walls, and insta-head shotting me as soon as I spawned. I don't like to assume someone was cheating, but no one gets that lucky 5 times in a row. I guess you could say that's a result of the game being popular; more players means you encounter more dicks.

I don't think FPSs do it for me any more though. Every deathmatch I play on games these days seems so bland next to Battlefield, and in particular, the now ancient Desert Combat mod. I don't think any new release will ever be able to beat the nostalgia!

Never watched this but...pretty lame haha.

Call of Duty isn't my cup of tea because I don't like the leveling and the unlocks and perks and etc. Obviously tons of people DO like it and that's fine...but I think it does make the game unbalanced when I shoot people first and more times but still lose the firefight. Perks suck too. There is NOTHING more agitating than getting killed by choppers and planes.

I don't believe I have to say this but if you don't like his videos don't watch. On the internet all that matters is reaction, if you provide Jimquisition with traffic and comments than he'll stick around, its his job is to rile people up.

So in conclusion apathy is more damaging to the show than your complaints and for the record Moviebob also feeds off the same animosity.


Thanks for this video, its a refreshing mouthwash from the shit sandwich that was "gun myth" over at extra credits. COD still sucks though... Battlefield 3 for life!!!! ;) (It's a gameplay/mechanic thing) you understand.

I have to ask, why does everyone hate on Extra Credits for being Un-Professional, or Not fun, or for any other shit reason I can't think of, whats so bad about them, their informing, and doing it well. Then people go on to defend Jim as a hardcore critic, but truly is acting like a 19 year old, who thinks they know everything, anytime and anywhere.

Well when one says "everyone" that implies that well "every single person" hates on Extra Credits... and to fully answer your question I must explain that I have been watching Yahtzee and Movie Bob since they came to the escapist, and as such only recently branched out to the other video series offered here (I followed them to the escapist).

To give this some context, having of watched all the Extra Credit videos I will state that for the most part I found them informing, and insightful, as you have said. Mind you, my professional interest in video games has been in retail (brief stent at Gamestop middle/upper management). As a hobby a moddest modder with simulation (typically) being what I play... although I have owned (I think) every video game system that has ever been commercially available. As far as programming, my only working experience (as a programmer/designer) is the guidance systems for military equipment (hard and soft design) which is well, very similar to game design. Beyond that I hold several federal licenses concerning the construction and maintenance of civil and military equipment.

Specifically my issue is the EC video "myth of the gun", which too me, was the worst type of video I would normally relegate to the YouTube amateur hour, and for a couple of reasons. My experience with the subject matter concerning military equipment and military service, as well as, "Japanization" go far beyond what EC (green shirt guy) has credible experience with. I did not want to pre-judge anything in the video. However, there were just to many correlation's presented that do not stand up to inspection or utility of correlation, and just as you said about Jim, EC this time around, and in this video, were on the slippery slope of opinion being presented as fact.

In Jim's defense (and I have only watched 2 of his video's, this one being 1 of the 2) he states several times that this is "his opinion", and that gives him some wiggle room in the realm of subjectivity. Thats the beauty of being a critic on the front end. The only limited defense I would afford Jim is that he strikes me as looking for his "voice", as an actor or mass communications /drama major/professional. To say 'thats really Jim' would be somewhat missing the mark I would think. As a professional "hard core" critic? No, I am not obliged to agree with that statement. A good game critic is like a Foodie on Iron Chef, they must know a LOT about the subject matter, and perhaps cook, to properly act or be accepted as peer review... this is often missing from reviews and review sites, beyond that is simply taste and learning if a critic has the same taste as yourself. Try to bear in mind that 'knowing a lot' and 'being a know it all' are two very different things.

Much of the information presented in the EC video was either 'tag line' non sequitur or factually inaccurate. This was unfortunate, simply due to the fact that EC is generally, pretty good at what they do. It was to me an F performance (and I am not the only one that pointed this out), from a series that before that video had not done worse than a C+ / B- before. I suspect that the reason for this was that James was not involved with the video, and green shirt kid, was left holding the bag and needed to meet a deadline. Baring that my next argument is that he (green shirt) does not have a very good grasp of the information that is in front of him, and rather than doing any real research scrambled for some 'wiki links' to cover his ass, and it came off very white bread middle class weeaboo to me (urban slang) or Oriental-ism considering the context of the video, though to be fair, falls somewhere in between.

If the next EC video is that poor, I won't be watching it anymore in the future, so it won't be my problem. As far as Jim is concerned, I don't see myself going out of my way to watch him yet, not in the same way that I drink afternoon coffee with the excitement of watching Yahtzee every Wednesday, and too a slightly lessor extent Bob. I am obviously not in high school so high school opinion does not carry the weight that it perhaps does with others... its a matter of target audience, and EC missed it with me.

Now, look again at my comment, I said mouthwash...

Do you keep mouthwash in your mouth all day? Do you drink it?

No, no...

What it was, (this video), was decent, and honest, honestly refreshing coming off EC's dribble, and in many ways far superior to the other video I have watched of his. It's still mouthwash, hardly a good wine but it's getting there, the kid has some talent.

Once again, Jim Sterling proves to present his thoughts on a Problem that has been addressed several times before and far more elegantly, and attempts to make himself look smart by impersonating the imaginary people who disagree with him and making them look dumb. Admirably, he does all of this without an ounce of charm, wit, humour or class and simultaneously demonstrates his ability to talk about a topic for six minutes and say absolutely nothing helpful about it or any other issue in the world.

Bravo, Jim.

And for the record, I thought the stance most people took was "CoD is bad because I don't really like it." which is perfectly valid. In casual discussion,you don't have to give a reason for why you don't like something, it's opinion. The point isn't that ALL COD PLAYERS ARE FOULMOUTHED LITTLE KIDS it's that CoD, in addition to hordes of nice, regular people, attracts quite a lot of foul-mouthed little kids and other unpleasant players. Nothing wrong with saying that either.
I have to say though, if there is anything that could diminish my thoughts of CoD players (seeing as I have nothing against the series or it's fans, I just never got into it) it's that Jim Sterling counts himself among them.

... I actually agree with him, so much.

I especially like his making fun of the abnoxious pricks who say it's bad because it's not art.

Obnoxious*, and those people come about because the majority settle for what they're given.

Its like the whole anti-intellectualism thing you get here (and moreso in the States it seems, given FOX news and their audience size). Try and move away from the lowest common denominator - and that is what Call of Duty aims for, and no that is not me saying everyone who plays it is stupid - and you're pretentious.

I'd like to point out, he's trying to defend a demographic stereotype by slagging off another...double standards much?

For the inobservant, he's defending CoD players who are deemed 12 year old violents pricks by saying that's only a vocal minority and on the whole, yes that is true (shame I always get stuck with them though ¬_¬) HOWEVER he is attacking the "Games is Art" group, or not really attacking but, ya know, he isn't improving our reputation. It's that ignorant attitude that REALLY turns me off this show. Maybe if he made fun of catholic mothers scared of their children's innocence being lost to a video game I'd have laughed...

My problem with COD is the mutiplayer I quite enjoy the single player but i find mutiplayer gets old very quickly i get near to the 1st pestige and then give up. i dont know why but just seems that ive had anuff and it gets boring.
(and to be fair the best part of COD is zombies!)

My personally favourite so far, I think you do serious better then funny.

I had to look up both hyperbole and strawman to understand these points, and found this on Wikipedia:

"Hyperbole ('exaggeration') is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally".

The portions highlighted (by me) pretty much sum this up for me.

"The straw man fallacy occurs in the following pattern of argument:
1. Person A has position X.
2. Person B disregards certain key points of X and instead presents the superficially similar position Y. Thus, Y is a resulting distorted version of X and can be set up in several ways, including:
a. Presenting a misrepresentation of the opponent's position.
b. Quoting an opponent's words out of context - i.e. choosing quotations that misrepresent the opponent's actual intentions (see contextomy and quote mining).[2]
c. Presenting someone who defends a position poorly as the defender, then refuting that person's arguments - thus giving the appearance that every upholder of that position (and thus the position itself) has been defeated.[1]
d. Inventing a fictitious persona with actions or beliefs which are then criticized, implying that the person represents a group of whom the speaker is critical.
Oversimplifying an opponent's argument, then attacking this oversimplified version.
3. Person B attacks position Y, concluding that X is false/incorrect/flawed.

The section highlighted (again by me) seems to be what Jim is doing, however most posts here seem to assume that the "group" being targeted are 'Artsy Gamers', when in actuality what the 'Strawman' says is:
"What on earth are you talking about I understand that videogames are supposed to be art and Call of Duty could never be art"
What I get from this statemen by the strawman character is that he feels it is in his right to put down anyone who chooses CoD as a form of entertainment.
The strawman argues that CoD could never be art witch is basically the Ebert approach, the 'target' seems to me to be elitists that demand their standars be applied to the idea and concept of art, and damn all else, and this is a point worth arguing with, I get to choose my entertainment for myself, and if I want to skip the Sydney opera house in favor of my computer, I should be allowed to do so, witch is also true if i want to skip Braid in favor of CoD.

The only time Jim mentions 'Artsy' in this clip is the following quote:
"Even at it's most ludicrous the CoD series delivers it's story with enough style and confidence to make it work, there's even quite a bit of commentary on the nature of war hidden underneath for those artsy types who need a story with a message, yes on the surface it's popcorn-munching action story but there is more beneath there, about how modern warfare can be shockingly dissaffecting"

To extrapolate 'Artsy gamers are morons' from this statement and subsequently attack Jim is in itself quite a 'strawman' thing to do, as he never states that 'Artsy' is bad, he merely points out that there is a level of enjoyment beyond Bang-Whizz-Shooty-Fun if you feel you want to go deeper, witch is not to say that you have to, but to use the Bang-Whizz-Shooty-Fun part as an argument for CoD being "not art" is to underrate the artistic value of the product, much like you would if you were to state that "Saving Private Ryan" or "Band of Brothers" is less worthy of being called art than say "Philadelphia" because a story about AIDS has more artistic value than a story about war.

Speaking as someone who has never played, or had any desire to play COD I can say that the people who hate COD and those that play it are usually more annoying than the fans. Especially whenever a game company does anything that even slightly resembles a feature in the series and they say "Stop trying to be like COD" (as an insult).

All I gotta say is in the NES days I used to play Mario, Mega Man, Tetris, Mickey Mouse and Mappy and I used to avoid Contra, Metal Gear etc. They were war games and I never felt the need to represent myself as a soldier. Growing up, I know now that they were vastly more complex then I gave them credit for. However, my gaming tastes haven't changed and I still play Mario, Mega Man, Tetris, Mickey Mouse and Mappy. At some point I threw in the Valve library, but generally, I'm still avoiding those war games. They just don't represent an aesthetic I enjoy interacting with.

The first time I ever played COD was at a fundraising event this past Saturday, and ironically, the first multiplayer campaign I played was the Zombie add-in pack. I didn't see anything wrong with it. I compared it in my mind to Wolfenstein. That's how far and above a game like COD has to do to make it appealing to me, is that it has to dress up like a fleet of zombie nazis.

Still Life:
I think COD is a great franchise and its recognition is well deserved for the most part. Personally, it has become a case of 'too much of a good thing' with the annual release schedule; COD has become stale for me and not through any lack of quality.

I'm speaking on the general level.

Basically there is rarely (if ever) a series of niche qualities that something carries into the extreme mainstream.

Sacrifices are made to become hyper popular and these sacrifices become emulated by all competition hoping for a piece of the pie. Effectively people hate games that do this because they know that titles they like will invariably suffer for it.

COD is fine, I played through Modern Warfare (the original), it wasn't exceptional to me in any way but I could see how some folks would find it good. It's just that it did nothing that I hadn't really seen before and what it did do I felt I had seen done better (maybe not visually).

Speaking as someone who has never played, or had any desire to play COD I can say that the people who hate COD and those that play it are usually more annoying than the fans. Especially whenever a game company does anything that even slightly resembles a feature in the series and they say "Stop trying to be like COD" (as an insult).

Which goes hand in hand with my above point.

I don't think the problem is worth the energy but there is a method to that madness you are observing.

Also by necessity you are less likely to be in contact with pro-COD people if you don't play the games. That's where they are, playing the game.


He seems awfully but sore over this.

He's not sore, he is just tired of people ragging on call of duty for no good reason. If people were talking crap about the games you like, I'm sure you would be doing the same. Besides, he was being calm and his points were valid for what he was trying to say.

People do and I haven't. I quite liked FF8 and didn't feel the need to make a video ranting about Spoony for hating it, or go off on Yahtzee for insulting all JRPG regularly. Some games just aren't for some people.

How would this even come up? You only ever interact with Other people who like Call of Duty while playing it, and it's not like you have a big sticker on your head saying you like it. The problem I have with this video is he's essentially arguing with internet Trolls, and where's the point in that?

I really like the song, but that's about it I guess.

For a topic that's about people dislike something popular, it's interesting that I'm liking Jim more and more with every person that's getting upset with him.
That said the series has been improving week by week. It's gone from Poor-Man's-Charlie Brooker to decent satire in my view.

It's also interesting the amount of 'blur blur he's immature... blur blur he's vulgar... blur blur he's antagonistic' criticisms he's getting. Doesn't make sense given the amount of mouths that would be around Yahtzee's penis if he ever unzipped and offered it out to the world.

I still dont find this guy funny.

Srdjan Tanaskovic:


Linearity in FPS games existed way, WAY before COD came along.
Quake, Medal of Honour, Counter-Strike, Doom, The original Team Fortress ect...

OT: It's good to see someone defend CoD for a change. As long as it's good, I'll keep buying it.

yes Linearity has been in FPS before COD. But some people think that COD was the one that made it so that all FPS are linear these days

you mean Halo 2. the first Halo had shield and medpack

........................................................................................................................are you saying that Quake and Doom put more time into it's MP then SP ?

do you have any fucking idea of what you are talking about?

CS is a MP only game why the hell is that on the list? and I assume you mean the new Medal of Honour

Then why is COD to blame at all? "Everyone thinks COD did it, that means it's COD's fault". That's like saying everyone thinks Person A murdered Person B, that means Person A must be responsible!!

Yeah, Halo 2. I was just generalising.

No, what I am saying is that (especially in Quake's case) multiplayer is the only thing they are remembered for. They have campaigns, as does CoD, good ones too. It's just multiplayer happens to be the one thing everyone knows CoD for. For better or worse.

I'm at fault by missing one of your points, I was referring to Quake, Counter Strike, Doom ect when I was talking about graphics being brown and overall ugly, also I was referring to the original MoH. And that point still stands.

Some games just aren't for some people.

In terms of gaming generations my favorite period of life was between SNES and Playstation where this was a strong piece of the design. It existed before that but I really hit my stride around that time.

You are out to make something fun and inventive, it might not sell 400 million copies, but it'll be genuinely interesting.

I can only assume that the extreme graphics fetish is what lead to the requirement for millions of sales.

dipping back into mediocrity i see!....*sigh*

The reason why COD sucks is because Activision *IS* running it into to the ground, starting from MW2 by removing dedicated servers. As far as I am concerned it got 50 times worse in BLOPS. Bugs, poor lobby system, basic match maker. More bugs. Ridiculous map pack prices, no way to get user maps. Yep. It's shit.

So, basically, they (Activision) won't see a penny from me from a long goddam time.

Otherwise, great episode Jim!

*Edit* To see what I am talking about look at steam stats = http://store.steampowered.com/stats/

Counter strike 1.6 most played game, then CS Source, somewhere on there is MW2 and then after that is BLOPS. The end.

Didn't really agree with this episode much. Some points I agree with or can't really comment on but personally the reasons I object to CoD is because it's DULL. It's generic and repetitive and the archetype of this whole grey/brown theme dominating this current generation. I guess that's mostly subjective, but it's still a valid reason to dislike something because you find the content uninteresting. I've never been interested in this kind of gun worship and military romanticizing from these types of games, and personally think it to be immature.

But probably the reason I dislike CoD most is just the whole ethos around it. The way it's marketed and the way people act when a new CoD game is released. They shove it down my throat 24/7 and the release numbers even get in to the news for God sake! Every single year everyone acts like it's the second coming... for the forth time. I can't stand it.

And I think there is a valid case for popular=shit. There is often a reason why something is popular. Because that said thing has been dumbed down and diluted to appeal to a wider audience. So if you really want to find something that best suits your taste in whatever you are in to it most likely won't be the most popular thing.

Also I have friends who play CoD, and whenever they play it all that I have ever heard from them is frustration and disappointment. If something does that to people who even apparently "enjoy" the game then how good can it be?


wow im actually impressed that someone decided to read it all.

Although I understand the point being made, I simply just don't like any FPS that's set in a realistic situation. I prefer the more fantastical style shooters like Bioshock, DOOM and Blood. I think it's mostly due to the narratives,characters, enemies and the environments; because they're so strange and interesting it makes the experience that much more entertaining. I suppose if COD were to make a game completely out of their zombie mode I'd give it a shot (no pun intended), but the standard military shooter is just unappealing.

This is my exact feeling toward modern military shooters in general.

When I play a game, I have the opportunity to go into a virtual world and experience something that isn't possible in the real world.

Of all the creative and fantastical video game worlds out there, why would I want to go into a world that is almost identical to my own, except terrorism is even more dangerous and I'm a special ops soldier action hero wielding normal modern weapons (Modern Warfare 2) when I could explored a stylized steampunk dystopia where I wield an electro-shotgun in one hand and shoot fire out of the other hand (Bioshock)?

Don't get me wrong. If you like the more "modern realism" approach, I'm not judging you. If that's you're thing, cool. It's just not my thing. I understand that everyone has different tastes.

What I DON'T understand is why the "modern military shooter" genre seems to be so incredibly appealing that CoD breaks sales records yearly... and Black Ops is the ONLY video game I EVER hear my secondary students talk about... and said students think I'm some kind of freak because I love video games but I have no interest in Black Ops.


This is my exact feeling toward modern military shooters in general.

When I play a game, I have the opportunity to go into a virtual world and experience something that isn't possible in the real world.

Of all the creative and fantastical video game worlds out there, why would I want to go into a world that is almost identical to my own, except terrorism is even more dangerous and I'm a special ops soldier action hero wielding normal modern weapons (Modern Warfare 2) when I could explored a stylized steampunk dystopia where I wield an electro-shotgun in one hand and shoot fire out of the other hand (Bioshock)?

Don't get me wrong. If you like the more "modern realism" approach, I'm not judging you. If that's you're thing, cool. It's just not my thing. I understand that everyone has different tastes.

What I DON'T understand is why the "modern military shooter" genre seems to be so incredibly appealing that CoD breaks sales records yearly... and Black Ops is the ONLY video game I EVER hear my secondary students talk about... and said students think I'm some kind of freak because I love video games but I have no interest in Black Ops.

Three words: Male Power Fantasy.

When you shoot someone dead, you are exerting power over them. Having a high k/d ratio makes you feel powerful. Dominant. Being the biggest badass on a scoreboard is all about power. Killing someone before they kill you is about effectively making them "your bitch". Even in the military culture portrayed, glorified and somewhat satirised in the game itself demonstrates male power fantasy. The machismo surrounding the characters is unquestionable and that mentality is carried over into multiplayer. Before you say not everyone who plays COD are men, i will counter that by saying male power fantasy does not apply exclusively to men. It also affects women. Evidence for this comes from filmography. When a woman picks up a gun or other weapon, it is a symbol of male power. Women are able to experience and desire the male power fantasy just as much as men. The term simply comes from male culture being often surrounded in competition and struggle for domination among peers. Power is a means to attain esteem. Hence male power fantasy.

While your point about modern military shooters being mundane is very valid, i will say this. I love all kinds of video games, from COD to Bioshock to MMOs and to point and click adventure. But there is one thing that can bug me about 'fantastical' shooters. It can break immersion when the world is so dreadfully inconsistent. Example being Bioshock. When i shoot someone in the face with a 12-gauge, i expect them to drop down like a sack of potatoes. Instead in bioshock i see a health bar pop up and they keep running at me. When i make an explosion or empty 50 machine gun rounds into a person, i expect them to be dead. Not the case in Bioshock. This also carries over to the super powers you get like incineration and electrocution. That kind of thing can feel incredibly disconcerting, frustrating and outright inconsistent. The world is weird and wonderful, but the mechanics are not for everyone. In COD, one good shot, or one very broad shot from a shotgun will kill someone. When an explosion goes off, someone near it is going to die. The world behaves and reacts in realistic ways which in turn do not ruin the immersion and experience. This helps to maintain the world as believable. I know you are meant to suspend disbelief for the fantastic in a world like Bioshock's, but suspension of disbelief can only go so far.

Finally i'd like to say that your secondary students are young adults and teenagers and glorification of male power fantasy will likely be a very big part of their culture until they enter their tweens.

Nicely done jim,you might just have a spot here.

I thank God every day for Jim. This is his truest, ballsiest, and-- most importantly-- funniest Jimquisition yet. I'm not even a fan of the franchise, but the beauty of this is that you can cut-and-paste most games that people get shat on for liking, such as World of Warcraft or Halo, and the statement still holds true. I'm glad someone with a lot of air time had the brass ones to point out that the only popular things you can like without sacrificing your internet cred are The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Dark Knight.

That movie fucking sucked, by the way.

I still dont find this guy funny.

Yeah, calling your audience "malcontents, rebels and pseudo-intellectuals" isn't pretty funny.

That's why in just 34 seconds, Jim started to invalidate his point he was trying to labour in the following 6 minutes and 4 seconds to me.

Then the stupid yellow hat persona guy just killed off any gaming related cultural capital he had built up with me.

When your fans and followers can succinctly (and objectively) relay your point across without coming off as a huge troll then I think it's time to re-evaluate how your communicate to the unwashed ignorant masses.

I just dont have fun when I play it, glitches and being totally one sided.

"CoD is shit because it's popular."

Yeah, no serious critic has said this. And further, obviously CoD isn't shit, you know why? It's popular.

While there are people who think this, and there always will be. Especially in the gamer market, which is largely made up of geeks that go up against the mainstream.

That being said, I always thought CoD looks like a really compelling game to play, I just never have since the genre of the military shooter never appealed to me.

There will always be an outspoken minority that DOESN'T like the popular thing. So it really doesn't pay to address them in this way.

While id hate to say it, im with him.
Alot of the gaming community looks down upon CoD as a whole because of the few problems the series has had.

Yes, noobtoobs were the worst thing to ever enter videogames.
Yes, second stand is a "dick move" that can cause moments of complete bs.
And yes, quickscoping can be horribly annoying.

But you can point out problems in every game series out there that are just as annoying.
LA Noire for instance.
Unskippable cut scenes. And dozens of them.
Car controls being strange. ((eather way to sensitive, or not sensitive enough))
Hitting a civilian because he literally "JUMPED" in front of you, ruins your entire score.
Only 1 peice of evidence EVER being right. Sure, i can place him at the scene, with the hatchet, by 6 eye witnesses, bootprints, fingerprints, and absolutely no alibi, but all of that doesnt matter because the evidence that proves him guilty is a random button from his jacket.

CoD gets a bad rap because its a game anyone can play and be decent at. But arnt half the games produced? Cant you button mash at 80% of fighters and win every match? Cant you bump the back of a car in a racing game and make it do 6 random game ruining flips?

CoD has its ups and downs. ): People need to get over it.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game which defined what a modern multiplayer shooter could be".

Wrong, that would be Team Fortress 2.

Jim is doing a great job of embarrassing himself. He didn't acknowledge any od the main reasons people tend to dislike COD.

Boring environments.
No innovative mechanics.
No teamwork


Innovative mechanics are a plus. Not required. The no teamwork only applies to multiplayer, and thats actually one of the reasons people like it, you get a sense individuality.

But yeah, the enviroments are really crappy at times.

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