Zero Punctuation: Bastion and From Dust

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What in god's name is mashed apple?

Gotta say it... completely NOT surprised with Yahtzee's take on both games.
Sadly, I have to wait until at least September before PSN picks up 'From Dust', but I've been stoked about the release since I saw the toolset/physics demo a long while back. 'Bastion' also looked pretty sweet, but the glossy sheen of the contextual narration was dulled with the Diablo-esque item and upgrade system. (...and with confirmation of the 2-ending system, it's a solid "Nah", now.)

As said before me. Getting a little tired of all the anti-American jokes. I know that's his whole gimmick. But at least make fun of other countries as well. If someone is racist you'll be shunned and then shoved in a coffin of nails, if you're prejudiced against another country it's suddenly fine.

He makes fun of America because that's what the British do, it's in their genetic code. But other than that it seems that you're forgetting that he also makes fun of the French, Japanese, black people and women.

Sorry, you're not entitled to a persecution card this round.


Oh what a night.
Late December back in '63
What a very special time for me


OH what a night!
You know, I didn't even know her name
But I was never gonna be the same
What a lady, what a night.

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed "Jersey Boys" and got to see Frankie Valli live, I quite enjoyed his little shoutout.

Jersey Boys was an absolutely amazing musical. Everyone should go see it, if only to find out just how many of those old earworms are in fact by Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons.

Great to see him review other games than AAA. It turned constantly fun and informative.

What in god's name is mashed apple?

You know mashed potatoes? Imagine that but with more apples and more British.

huh, the lava bit reminded me of the days when I used to summon monsters in Sim City.

Damn you Yahtzee, Oh what a night indeed!

Nice to know the guy that did Another Out of this World is still active.

And surprise surprise, the two games are now available on Steam.

Well, sorta. They're available for pre-order.

I'm definitely getting Bastion... maybe when there's the next utterly nuts Steam sale.

Goodness, it looks like the hype I've heard about Seb- I mean Bastion must be true :O Damn that Yahtzee is infectious with his renaming games...

So getting Bastion now asap.

That was an epic quote.

"That doesn't sound like a calamity. That sounds pretty f'n RAD."

Thank you Yahtzee.

I haven't heard anything that important and/or cool about Bastion before, but i was interested in From Dust, sounded cool.
But now both seem quite interesting.
I really ought to get at least one of those two.

I had... I *HAD* to stop the video at 3.00 for a while to (re)admire the protagonist from Another World. Good memories, good memories. That gun he used packed more violence than the entirety of Mass Effect.



Because Yahtzee is a Brit living in Australia, and so represents two primary-english-speaking countries. It's generally the European or (sometimes) Asian countries that express their unhappiness with the USA's political decisions or past failures, but the English-speaking countries have sizable anti-american populations because of cultural pervasion, really. It's especially jarring to the English, who don't like having the global standard of their home tongue altered by a nation whose respective grasp of the language some of them believe inferior. And the Aussies just seem to want to be left alone. All this perpetuated by the American media who happily export to equally idiotic recieving outlets in countries that simply aren't as compatible with the US as those people think they are.

TL;DR: Your media are a load of imperialistic wankers who can't even do it properly, and that's all we ever see.

Yes, but understand that I don't want people think every American is an imperialistic wanker based on the media. It would be like me thinking every British is a snooty jerk, especially toward Americans.

That being said, there are still those who will believe whatever they see in the media regardless of the truth. (Not trying to direct that at you, sorry if I did)

True but that would require thinking for yourself rather than just buying whatever load of garbage is tossed at your feet. I guess it's a good thing though that Americans weren't too stupid to invent the computer as well as video games so that they could have something really cool (yet still just not good enough for y'know, them.) and a way to piss off on the culture that created it!

Hey here's a thought! Why don't you try to imagine your job and life without these wholly American innovations hmmmm? Or maybe you could list some innovations that your Country is responsible for that I have taken completely for granted. Oh right. You can't. I owe nothing that I think is great to New Zealand and you damn well know it!

I'm glad Yahzee liked Bastion (it did seem right up his street when I watched the ecsapist review) I definately need to give it a go.

Nice reviews. From Dust sounds interesting, I think I need to do a bit of background reading about it.

still need to play Bastion...tho in the meantime I may or may not try out one of a few other games he's played recently and hated (CoJ The Cartel) for giggles

I just finished playing the Bastion demo and I have concluded that the kid has really huge arms.

Finished bastion yesterday, not too sure what the big deal is. It was pretty fun, and the story had a good moment or two but I don't think I found it as compelling as most people for whatever reason.

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