Critical Miss: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Grey Carter:

Like this?

Oh hell yeah, I can't love you enough for this!

...Yeah, someone needs to make a totally hardcore Inspector Gadget game... or maybe even a not-hardcore one... but one needs to be made...



two diphtongs:

"ie" : ee
"ei" : eye

(EDIT: i.e: "r-ease-eh")

So not : R-ee-as-ay?

No: a long "e"-sound like in "ease", for the diphtong; and a short one, as in "leg", for the last "e".

I am not German myself and barely know any of the language (so feel free to correct anything I say :), but for some reason still cringe a little, every time I hear: "oober". "Oo" is correct for the regular letter "u", but the umlaut one (with the dots above) is a long "y" sound, kind of like "ee", but with quite a bit of lip-pouting - can't offhand come up with an English equivalent. :P

In the proposed sequel, all puzzles, challenges and enemies are impossible to defeat, and instead an NPC named Penny accomplishes everything in the game while the player gets all the credit.

Am I the only one who pronounces it Day-Uhs Ex?

alot of people have been asking for this lol thought i would post this up

p.s. it is a background

LOL oh my I had forgotten all about Inspector Gadget :p

All I can say is I would totally buy that.

Needs more black and orange.

Go Go Gadget Filter!

The most useless joke I saw in my entire life.
This comic should be burned. Seriously.

Inspector Gadget works to well what with his noir as hell trenchcoat and hat. This game needs to be made.

I never asked for this. (booooooooo...)

But it's pretty damn funny, so thank you for making it.

I'm pretty sure noone asked for this, but I guess a few people might be interested in just what the first game was actually like.

Holy shit yes! I'd play that sooner than you can say "Go, go, Gadget Dark-Knight-style-gritty-reboot-of-awesome-series!" Just imagine what the soundtrack might sound like

I always pictured it turning out more like this:

"I'll get you next time Jensen!"

Oh yea, I can totally see that.

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