Escape to the Movies: The Adventures of Tintin

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Holy Uncanny valley, he's right. UGH. I must be more sensitive to it because the "real" movements and realistic environments with those cartoony faces makes it completely unappealing for me to watch. BRrr!

All they had to do was brighten up and stylize the environments and it'd have been fine. Of all subjects that shouldn't be made this way, Tin Tin is near the top of the list.

Also, the idea that the style itself doesn't deserve to be called "animation" because of motion capture is they've got no idea what they're talking about. During my internship at a studio that does motion capture, I had to clean up sessions with the actors and hand-animate portions that weren't captured 100% correctly.


The Adventures of Tintin

Spielberg is trying to bring Tintin to America.

Watch Video

Hey Bob, will you review Jodaeiye Nader az Simin? On IMDB it appears that will come out on the US day 30 but limited, don't know what that means.

I've just watched it and it was something spectacular. I am really looking forward to your review.

Oddly, I had the exact opposite reaction to the faces that Bob had.

You know, for a second, I was shocked that there were Cobra flags on the White House, but then I remembered the president is actually a clone...
On topic... yeah, I got nothing, I wanna know why Sherlock Holmes 2 sucked, though.

What do you mean America doesn't appreciate Tintin, I've been waiting for this movie for so long! I loved the Tintin comics as a kid, I used to check out stacks of them from the library.

Also, didn't Tintin's dog was named "Milu" or something like that, instead of "Snowy"?

No, it's always been Snowy.
Hehe, now I can't stop thinking about when Snowy got in Haddocks stash of booze...

I checked out stacks of them as well! I think I cleaned out the whole section once...

Also, the original French comics have Snowy named "Milou". No idea why they didn't just call him "Milo", but there you go.

new Holmes was really good. I dunno what he is smoking.

None of you have learned anything so far?

Moviebob talks about his OPINION.

"OMG you don't like that movie? Well you're wrong moviebob, cuz it has 94% on Rotten tomatoes!" (Seriously, rotten tomatoes?)

"OMG Moviebob says this movie is bad. Well I won't see it then!"

Are you people really just sheep?

Do you have no opinion of your own, so you must copy Moviebob's or some other guy that gets paid to watch movies and play games 24/7?

I enjoyed Tintin, it was really what Indy IV should have been. But forgetting that disappointment, Tintin was a fun and adventourous romp with likable characters and enthralling visuals (and some charming humour to boot). It's not going to blow the world of cinema away, but it's well worth the price of admission (which is actually more than you can say for most films released today).

Is it just me, or does Edward Cullins in that shot look a lot like David Tennant's doctor?

new Holmes was really good. I dunno what he is smoking.

The same stuff that makes him excited for the next GI Joe solely because of the costumes.

What kind of ridiculous names are these? I will accept nothing other than "Tim & Struppi", and don't any of you try and tell me I'm wrong! *goes lalalalalala*

EDIT: And I'm still looking forward to the new Holmes. I still have fun watching MovieBob's videos and reading his articles, but I don't care about his judgement calls as a movie critic anymore (ever since Green Lantern and Planet of the Apes).

What kind of ridiculous names are these? I will accept nothing other than "Tim & Struppi", and don't any of you try and tell me I'm wrong! *goes lalalalalala*

Yeah, the german version has always been in my head as well. Tintin sounds wrong somehow. I used to get a shitload of crap because of it. You can´t be belgian and tell those walloons you like the german version of THEIR comic better.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed MI:GP. It may have had a simple plot, but at least it was focused and didn't veer into absolute a.d.d. stupidity. The action scenes were tense, but not hitting over the head, and the film did what I considered an impossible mission by making me think Tom Cruise as something besides "that crazy guy who dreams of fighting against Lord Xenu."

All in all, the movie did what I wanted it to do: entertain; and not in the "duuuude, I only came for the explosions and hot girls" way, more in the "I can finally watch an action movie without turning my brain COMPLETELY off" way.

Well Bob it had to happen for at least one movie overall I've always found your opinions on movies were pretty close. Most new movies I wait till your review but not Sherlock.
I liked it, not as good as the first, and definitely heavy handed on the humor this time around, but I rather enjoyed it.

Everyone else wants to hear about Holmes but I want to hear about MI, not because I'm not as sick of Tom Cruise milking this franchise as the next guy (I am), but I liked the third one the best and thought J.J. did a great job with what he had, and I refuse to believe that Brad Bird has directed a bad movie (though if it does in fact suck, I'll dodge the issue by pointing out that he did not write this one, while Iron Giant, Incredibles and Ratatouille were his own work.

Also, I don't care how much you want Cobra Commander to look like whatever, if that isn't Joseph Gordon-Levitt again (and since Commander is not credited on iMDB, I have no way of knowing), then I'm significantly less interested.

Speaking of less interested, how do you go forward with this movie without Scarlett? Bad enough to do an "all the other Joes are dead" storyline, but to lose the redhead?!? Poor form.

Tell me why you think Mission Impossible kinda sucked...cos I thought it was awesome!

Also tell me why the new Sherlock Holmes sucks cos it looks pretty good and I wanna see it.

Tin Tin has always been crap as far as I'm concerned.

Is this the straw to break my back about the premise and characters? I doubt it.

Bob can't talk his way through this one.

EDIT: STFU about J.I. f'ng Joe.

I saw this movie a while ago.

It had it's problems, and the biggest one that it never stopped. Since it was full of running and action ALL THE TIME, nothing stood out.

I'll stick to the animated movies and of course the original comics.

Watched tintin with me family 2 weeks ago, we all greatly enjoyed the film so is definitly a good choice for family viewing.

Our own criticisms was it became too "holywood" by the finale, it was a lot of noise and sparks and things moving and crashing which is usually in the middle of a tintin story rather then the end. Lets say we found the finale's tone to be untintinish, but spielberg had already taken quite a few liberties in regard to plot and cannon (especially with haddocks relationship to the antagonist, who wasnt an antagonist in the comics) and for the most part they worked, so can forgive this faux pas.

My own personal regret is that due to blending in elements of 3 books we will never get to see the classic scene when after meeting with the liutenant in the desert tintin and crew get ambushed by enemies whom i forgot, during the battle one of them sneaks behind and tries to kill tintin but misses and shoots haddocks whiskey bottle instead. This turns haddock into a god of vengeance and primal fury the likes of which would terrify even his ancestor and he charged forward with his gun as a club, seemingly putting the enemy to flight, before finding out they only ran due to incoming reinforcements from the liutenant (who received word of the ambush just after tintin had left from his camp).

Oh well pirate battle scene was well done, will settle for that.

Correction! 'Sherlock Holmes' was loads of fun and is well worth seeing.

I love the Tintin comics.
I'm a little worried about this movie... Please let me completely wrong.

Had a few hours before work today, so I went and saw this movie (felt awkward being the only early 20 year old in a theater full of little kids and their parents, but whatever). And it was a really good movie. Tintin never appealed to me as a kid, and I usually hate characters with animal sidekicks but it all worked out alright. The overarching plot is pretty common, and the "key" to figuring out the big clue that leads to the treasure can be figured out by a six year old, but the action in this movie is amazing. Definitely worth the watch just for the technical aspects in both animation and directing. Also best pirate battle I've ever seen.

Also, the original French comics have Snowy named "Milou". No idea why they didn't just call him "Milo", but there you go.

Because "Milou" is "Snowy" in French, what he's been called in all the English translation. It makes sense, he's a white dog.


Also, the original French comics have Snowy named "Milou". No idea why they didn't just call him "Milo", but there you go.

Because "Milou" is "Snowy" in French, what he's been called in all the English translation. It makes sense, he's a white dog.

That depends. If you Google Translate "Milou" from French to English, you get "Snowy". But if you translate "Snowy" from English to French, you get "neigeux".

Freaking languages, how do they work?

It only now just hit me that peter parker is the guy from the social network...

Bob was wrong about Sherlock Holmes 2 (I saw it a couple weeks ago and it was even better than the first) but he was spot-on about this movie. I just saw it today, and it was the most fun I've had at the movie theater in a while. There were so many really great action sequences, especially the climactic one. Any movie that has two guys having a crane fight is a good movie.

I wonder if we would see more comic book movies based on comics from Europe if this one is successful.

Cross my fingers for a great Astérix or Spirou movie.

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