No Right Answer: Best Superhero Team Ever

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Well, I think we need to replace one of the guys on this debate team for not being able to hold up his end.

I mean honestly, someone is saying "The Avengers are a better TEAM because they have strife and fight each other"... WTF? A Team is based around unity, as a team The Justice League is far superior if you want to rate them that way BECAUSE they act like a TEAM.

What's more a solid membership should be a plus, in general you know who is in the JLA, it's a team of the same guys getting together. The Avengers can't be considered remotely unified.


Avengers win because they are weaker and disorganized?

That might make the JLA the better "team" but it does not make for a better book. Because they are such a hugely overpowered collection of the "elites" of the DCU, its difficult to believe any situation is dire enough to create any real sense of conflict or danger facing the JL. Not only do you actually have to wonder if the Avengers will be capable of defeating the bad guy or guys, but sometimes it's hard to believe they can function as a team at all. Conflict and actual peril make Avengers more compelling, and that makes the Avengers the superior book. And I care about that more than I do which would win in a crossover fistfight.

See, the thing between them is that the JLA is a flagship title, with all of the big names in DC comics being present together. The Avengers on the other hand seems to mostly be a dumping ground for characters that are flagging in popularity, if a character can't hold down a book on their own, but still has a fan base, they get put into the Avengers for a while, then they either recover or go on to just doing cameos or disappearing entirely. The Avengers is also a way of getting exposure for new creations Marvel isn't so sure on.

In general The Avengers usually has one or two big name heroes holding it down, while it does happen it is RARELY an all star cast of Marvel's biggest characters all working together.

Can't disagree with that though.

Here's a question: Why the in the holy name of Shigeru Miyamoto haven't they made a Green Arrow movie yet? I'm interested in the characcter, but I want to know (more) of his origins! I mean,come on! The guy who played Obi-wan in Revenge of the Sith (Ewan Macgregor, I think it was?) could play a good Oliver Green.

That might make the JLA the better "team" but it does not make for a better book.

But the debate was "best superhero TEAM ever." Not "best superhero book/series/etc ever."

So. You know.

Actually the best TEAM is the one I give any crap about. That means better story does = better team. Because if I am uninterested, I don't CARE enough to validate the existence of the overpowered but uninteresting team by making them a part of the argument in the first place.

And that point HAS a place in this particular argument because if it is just a question of "who's got more power?" Then there's only one short answer. JLA has Superman, that trumps any other point. JLA and Avengers can't go head to head because they exist in different universes. And so you have to judge them based upon their clashes against their own villians. And villains face longer odds against the JLA primarily because of Superman. So JLA vs Avengers argument is over before it starts... if all you are talking about is the very narrow (and far more uninteresting) which is more "powerful."

Besides, Chris brought up the point in the viedo.

So. You Know.

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