Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

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Jim. We love your indignat rage. Thank god for you and thank god for this POS gift of a target the churnalists over at IGN have given you. First time i saw the article i though "Wow Jim is going to love this".

You know i too hate the "It's a business" defence. Being a profit seeking organisation is not a blank check to be almost moustache-twirlingly evel. It just isn't. I don't see how we can't expect even the most basic of customer service from EA.

Fuck IGN, Fuck EA and praise be to almighty Jim

I couldn't have said it better myself. There's a reason IGN isn't taken very seriously in the gaming community, and things like this garbage are it.

(I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, also Jim is sexy)

IGN is such a waste of space. I would accuse them of setting back gaming journalism a few years but they are not really a journalisitic site. Even the most casual user can sense the whiff of the PR train about them. And PR is exactly waht they are. IGN is basically a mouthpeice for the promotion of publishers in exchange for "World First Exclusive reveiws" and priveleged acess to peviews/ media.

There are a lot of great articles about exclusive reveiws/ site practices, how meaningless they are and the deals that have to be done to get them here at the Escapist if you can dig them up (weekly edition archives).

Basically IGN gets their reveiws first by having the publisher's approve them thus making them an extension of the publisher's PR department and discriminating agaist any game that can't afford to buy good coverage in that way.

Wow, a Jimquisition Video that felt like I wrote the script, if my grammar was much better.
Get out of my head Jim. Unless I am in Jim's head which I apologize for invading your inner thoughts Charles Xavier style.

Although I want to add EA screwed me over their DRM when I was told I can't Install Red Alert 3 anymore on my PC. I should have to be restricted how many times I can install a Product I legally own.

Although I would like a sweet Gravity Rush shirt, but Jim said it was a Large and I wear XXL.
[I would NOT FIX in the Gravity Fall t-shirt, and I think Jim Sterling of the Jimquistion is sexy in a completely Platonic heterosexual sort of way.]

For those who complain about Jim not shipping overseas, overseas shipping can be an expensive nightmare filled with delays and crap with Customs (the part of the government that deals with import and export and there filling out of forms).

I juste want the shirte but can't get it but a good show

ok, i think EA need to be slapped away from the desk and someone else needs to be brought in
imagine what valve could do with EA's resources
although that could just result in a worse valve...
i guess it true what they say, power corrupts

[i would like a gravity rush shirt and also jim is sexy]

I lost my respect for them when I saw the marketing campaign for Bad Company 2 which was basically, "Modern Warfare 2 sucks! As you can see, this is NOT Modern Warfare 2!"

Why don't you tell us why we should play your game and not why we should avoid the competition?


EA killed off Westwood an butchered Command an Conquer. I will never forget.

[I would like a gravity rush shirt. And also, Jim is sexy]

Not much makes me twitch more than hearing people ask, "What's so bad about EA?". They're publicize their arrogance to the highest degree on a daily basis, you can't miss the reasons if you tried.

I don't know how anyone can get excited over an EA game anymore with how horribly they abuse us with every last product. They deserve no pity if they're having money issues. They deserve to collapse for everything they've done. I just wish it weren't the honest developers getting the axe first anytime an EA exec does something horrible.

And IGN is a whole 'nother story. The "Fox News" of gaming; quite literally since they're owned by the same corporation. I don't think any other explanation is needed for them.

When Riccitiello said at E3 "It used to be when you paid for a game you get a game" I thought is he seriously gonna say "now when you pay for a game you get half a game" but then he just said some bollocks about it being a service.

Vaguely on the topic of IGN, I watched an old review the other day and was surprised to hear Steve Butts reading it. He must have come to the light side since then.

I never knew till a few days ago IGN was part of Darth Murdoch's Empire.

When I was watching the EA press conference and the guy said "5 years ago the game you bought was the game you got," I thought to myself, "Jim Sterling must be preparing a rant about that right now." Yup yup yup. EA, no offense, but your management is kind of stupid.

[I would like a Gravity Rush Shirt please and Jim is sexy]

I had no idea EA were quite this awful. To be fair, I recognised they had a less than stellar reputation, but urgh... their PR with a couple of games a year or two ago (Mercs 2. World in Flames comes to mind) makes me just despair for the image of gamers...

(I would like a gravity rush shirt please, and also Jim is sexy. C'mon Jim, pay for shipping. Gotta love the UK :3)

Dear God, I didn't realize it til just now....THAT'S why I feel better about Activision nowadays, even when they haven't done jack shit to make me feel that way!

What the hell, EA?

(Also, I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, and Jim is one sexy motherfucker)

Everything wrong with EA can be summarised by playing Bad Company 2 for a few hours.
Then play Battlefield 3.

See the difference?
I thought so.

Not a Battlefield fan but I have both and played both for some hours, what's the difference?

I refuse to get Origin even if it does mean I miss out on games like BF3 and ME3.

Trust me, you're not missing out on much.

So pretty much because EA is evil:P

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, also Jim is sexy]

Not too surprised that IGN publishes corporate propaganda; they are owned by Newscorp aren't they? So that kind of makes it the Foxnews of the game world.

What I find interesting is that while THQ started this whole online pass BS, it doesn't seem to have helped them. Is that the market speaking?

Damn you for bringing up Bullfrog! I love that company and still cry over its death while replaying Populous and Dungeon Keeper. Damn you EA.... Damn you.

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please. Also, Jim is sexy]

I live in Finland, but I am ready to pay the postal fees through Paypal. Like... Right now.

I hope companies like EA and Activision look at Valve with utter disdain. Valve are everything they wish to be but aren't; loyal fanbase who will buy a game developed bythem without a second thought.

Valve are the benchmark for all other businesses to follow in the Gaming industry.

Oh yeah EA, It's always funny to see what stupid decision they will make next, like making a special dead space 2 advertisement (You know which one i am talking about).
Or ruining great devellopers like Bullfrog,Westwood or Phenomic (I take that one personal, because they're from my country and the spellforce series was awesome.)

I agreeo 100% with everything Jim said, once again. EA is such a horrible company, but it sucks because most of the games I look forward to come out of that company. It's like they deliberately go out of their way to be anti-consumer, yet complain when they don't sell enough copies of games or whatever. Also I agree, they shoul dtake a leaf out of valve's book. Valve has probably the most and most loyal fans of any developer/publisher out there, especially since STEAM was done so damned well!

{Also Mr. Jim Sterling, I would love a shirt, you sexy bitch you! Thank GOD, for you :) }

Another good one Jim. I started having a dislike for EA when they made 1 shitty patch for Rise of the Witch-King and left it to rot. I love that game, and hardcoding some weird-ass delay that even effects LAN games into it just made me a very sad bastard.

Oh, and Jim, ya sexy bastard you, I could always use a new Gravity Rush shirt.

Wait, I know EA is evil, but what does activision do, besides the whole CoD schmuck?

Well, there was that time they tried to steal Greg Hastings' identity.

And there was the way they pretty much single-handedly killed off music games through oversaturation.

Jim, sexy beast that he is, wrote about a few more last year.

Could you do one on Activision some time? Think I'd get the picture better if I heard it from you, would be interested in the shirt but I'd have trouble hiding my mup size with a large >.>

I still consider activision worse just because it destroyed Blizzard.

Too bad I'm not a US resident.

No, wait, just repeat that 20 times and it's my life in a nutshell.

all hail valve.


i....100% agree with you on this. every point you made is a point i have made to my friends on why EA is a horrible business. I didnt hate them or activision for awhile. but seeing these horror stories...and idiotic remarks....have made me officially hate them. EA however is ,as you said, worse now.

[I would like the Gravity Rush shirt please. Also Jim is sexy and thank god for you.]

Anoni Mus:

Everything wrong with EA can be summarised by playing Bad Company 2 for a few hours.
Then play Battlefield 3.

See the difference?
I thought so.

Not a Battlefield fan but I have both and played both for some hours, what's the difference?

I agree, they're both solid and well polished games. In fact, the diversity in Bad Company 2 was almost....worse. Snipers were too good and shotguns were useless. At least in levels like Metro you can use shotguns.

Also it has some of the best air combat in modern games.

Yeah, I somehow miss the days where Activision was the villain and EA was kinda likable compared to Activision, but now, it's all the way around and I even see Activision as... innofensive compared to the bloated, shitty mess that EA has become.

Thank God for your pearls of wisdom Jim (wink, wink), also, I want that shirt, you're sexy as fuck... I live in Mexico, can you make an exception, you cheap ass, sexy bastard?.

At least EA isn't IGN. Seriously, how does that happen?

[I would not mind a shirt. I know it could not contain your sexiness, but maybe it will have room for mine.]

I think EA does get a whole lot of flak for their choices, and most of it is well deserved. I just find it a bit annoying when the only way people can express their anger is through screaming and swearing as opposed to witty videos -wink wink-

(I would very much like a Gravity Rush shirt, and Jim is the ubermensh)

Jim you have come a long long way from the unteachable videos you made when you first appeared here.

Anoni Mus:

Everything wrong with EA can be summarised by playing Bad Company 2 for a few hours.
Then play Battlefield 3.

See the difference?
I thought so.

Not a Battlefield fan but I have both and played both for some hours, what's the difference?

Played both for many hours.

BC2 is more it's own thing, it's alot more unique, whereas BF3 borrows alot more crap from COD.
I don't dislike COD but BF doesn't need to copy it to succeed and I found BF3 alot less enjoyable than BC2 as a result of the "must-beat-COD-at-COD" mentality that seems to possess EA these days.

In defense of the "they're just a business" comments: that's not supposed to excuse what businesses do, but point out the naivety of expecting anything better from a business. Yes, occasionally a Valve comes along and offers better than you would expect from a business, but that's just it. They deliver what you shouldn't expect.

The sad thing is, both EA and Activision started out as champions of the consumers. There was reason to love them when they started. Activision first appeared making games for the Atari 2600. They actually gave the programmers credit, which was unthinkable to Atari, and attracted better, more motivated programmers to make better games for the players. It was wonderful. EA started as a distributor for small innovative computer game developers that couldn't get their games out to as wide an audience as the games deserved. By working together, really good stuff got to the hands of grateful players everywhere and EA was seen as a wonderful thing. Given enough time, however, both companies grew into the thing they originally hated and were designed to fight. Because they got so big they had to become the type of business you should never expect anything better from.

(Please hold the shirt. It wouldn't fit me any better than Jim.)

This is pretty much an episode version of his GameFront article "Why Electronic Arts Makes Me So Mad" from last December . I loved reading it then as much as watching it today.


Also, i dont want the shirt, Jim does nothing for me and i already have a tent. ;-)

Damnit! I can't 'thumbs up' as this isn't facebook.

Reading the description and watching this video, I found another reason why people hate IGN as well as EA.

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