Feed Dump: Spears & Spume

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I think this was my favourite episode of Feed Dump ever. I truly hope to see more like it (and fewer dislike it) in the future.

Carson Shindigg:
Erm. Does anyone know the origins of the metal barricade across the double doors?

Yes, they covered it in one of the LRRCasts. Behind the door is another half of the house, where they never go.

Okay, guess I'll say it. If you manage to shoot yourself through the head with a spear gun, you've ALREADY got some form of mental deficiency. So no worries Kathleen, whatever mental damage he has was probably already there...

Lord Hosk:

Take note, we may have just witnessed the birth of a Bond villain

Anybody know if LRR has a P.O. Box or something. I have some hats I want to get rid of would like to give them.

YOu can get their full address by logging onto loadingreadyrun.com/store and ordering 10 wii play t-shirts. When the package arrives, throw away the shirts and keep the return address label off the box ;)

Or, You could click on the fire red and orange button at the top of the page and buy tickets to the escapist expo!

Brilliant! Not that I don't have faith in you but I think I'll make it 20 just to be sure.

...Remember that one episode where it was just Graham? I left a comment saying how I couldn't get through even a minute of it because it felt so empty.

I managed to get through about a minute and a half of this. Because while it's not empty, it feels diluted. It's great when it's Graham plus two (or even three) people because then there's a higher chance of silly randomness. With just Graham and Kathleen (or any pair of people in this format), it's just person one reading off the headlines and person two trying to be funny. Which isn't.

I suggest that when you don't have a full cast, fill each empty position with an instance of CleverBot. That way you can at least make fun of the bizarre responses it gives.

Actually, quite frankly, I thought the episode with just Graham by himself was much funnier than this one. I'm not sure if it's because that day had better headlines or what...

A Cowboy Bebop reference. God bless you Feed Dump. No matter how many years pass, nothing makes me happier.

What happened to the Dump Truck? there are so SO many strange fluids that you haven't sampled.

OK, so who else went and youtube'd the Thailand's Got Talent video? I lol'd when I saw one of the judges is called Pornchita.

I did. I was disappointed at the quality of the painting. I would say she's a performance artist rather than a fine artist. The appeal of the work is the philosophy behind the work rather than the actual product.

Wow. Even with just Kathleen, she still made this Feed Dump enjoyable.

... I personally would not want to play Monopoly with Kathleen. She obviously might try to rob me in the middle of the game.

Also... does she come up with all of those... theories on the spot? Because... my mind wanders... but it doesn't immediately think of 'bum paintings.' Admittedly, it makes for some funny thoughts, but... it makes you think.

The Gentleman:
Do your monopoly games end with the police investigating a quintuple homicide as well?

No, I play with the recommended four players

So only a triple homicide.

Wow... What a weird coincidence, I just watched this (I was busy and couldn't watch it eariler...) and I saw a poster advertising "Foam Day" today...

I was confused by it...

I'm also confused how Kathleen got to shit from "Creates foam in water" I don't see how the 2 connect myself...

Also... does she come up with all of those... theories on the spot? Because... my mind wanders... but it doesn't immediately think of 'bum paintings.' Admittedly, it makes for some funny thoughts, but... it makes you think.

A previous Loading Time talked about how they make Feed Dump, essentially they read out headlines and say things over a period of time (Occasionally directing each other to make things work better) then they edit it so the best stuff gets put in, it's quite possible that both Kathleen and Graham were thinking of things over a few minutes.

For some reason, the lighting looks really nice on Kat this week.

Graham's blue eyes are dreamy as usual, no change there.

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