No Right Answer: Best Silent Protagonist Ever

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I thought they weren't allowed to talk about games, since one of them (Chris?) was employed by Nintendo. Or did I get that totally wrong?

Chris can't talk about video games, but that doesn't mean that Kyle and Dan can't. Bwahahaha, loopholes!

Link does talk, though. It's just that his dialogue is always styled as "..." so you can imagine what he's saying. That's immersive. A boneheaded scientist not saying something in a situation where any sane person would is not immersive, it just makes me realize my character is a complete idiot.

My personal mind canon is that Gordon is actually mute, and when the resonance cascade happened it activated an automatic self defense mechanism on his suit that causes it to go on a murderous rampage. He's just squinting at everything that goes on around him and shouting Oh God Oh God Oh no Oh no.

Running across the street firing an AK47, calling out to hookers.. sounds like you just described saint's row or GTA.

Anoni Mus:
Agreed with the fact that using quantity as logic is flawed. But you're wrong about Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword, they are bothy awesome games and their reviews proves it.All Zeldas have some flaws (such as every game more complex that Tetris), but those flaws are not enough to lower the rate below a 9, except DS Zeldas maybe.
Majora's Mask is everything but lazy, it's really intelligent game.

Okay, that's also flawed logic, to assume that a good review automatically proves a game is good. And yes, Majora's Mask is lazy. The developers were demanding the game be released before Christmas, giving them a handful of months ot work on it, so they shamelessly copy-pasted models from Ocarina of Time to save money and time. The story is overall half-assed, with a lot of its dialogue poorly written and its inconsistent tone really holds it back. It has its moments, but it isn't put together very well.


if a game has a silent protagonists it would make more sense to give the player some customization if they are to fill in the blanks of this silent character. Otherwise all characters should have dialogue and personality. that just makes sense when your trying to write a good story right?

Agreed. I can understand some intentionally isolated protagonists not needing to talk, like Limbo or even Bioshock, but if there's substantial character interaction I think they should at least be like Dragon Age where you can personalize the dialogue through text choices.
It's why I don't like Gordan Freeman. As well-written of character as Alyx is, there's a waste of potential when all of her emotional responses are completely one-sided.

I basically hate the idea of a silent protagonist. It's a half measure. Not quite a self insert featureless protagonist or player generated character, but not quite a fully fledged character in their own right either. A failure on both accounts.

On the other hand, it is fully acceptable for a character to be silent because the plot demands it, typically because they have no real reason to speak.

Absolutely nobody. Because a silent protagonist has no character beyond what they player gives them (which is on par with fanfiction most of the time anyway)

There's still backgrounds, circumstances and experiences - some arbitrarily unavoidable - which inform our ideas of what the silent protagonist is like. Which premise for a hero (or anti-hero) do you find the most compelling, if you could only chose from those who didn't often actually speak?

Link does talk, not just in the CD-i and Zelda 2. You have dialogue options for him every now and then..."I don't understand," "Yes", etc. I agree that Chell and Jack (Bioshock) are more the kind that make sense.

I'm sorry but every single time I played as Gordon freeman, I literally asked myself out loud "Why am I doing this? Why is Gordon Freeman okay with people telling him what to do? Doesn't he have initiative or thoughts of his own?". He doesn't talk and you never see his face or reactions so when people walked up to me/Gordon and talked to me about how this person died or that person is trapped, I would just shrug. Do I care?, I'd ask myself. And in my head, I just imagined an emotionless Freeman going from point A to point B, no questions asked.

"Oh, Freeman! The world is coming to an end!"
"Okay. :l"
"You, sir, are special and a nuisance!"
"Okay, I guess. :l"
"Thank you, Freeman! You're our hero!"
"Okay. :l"

With Link, at least you could see his face and his reaction. Whenever Zelda gets abducted, you see Link worried or happy or upset. I still remember when Skyward Sword when Zelda got attacked by that...harlequin guy and Link was happy to see Zelda but immediately got worried. For me, that was enough to care about his mission. "Fuck it, we're killing that guy. He's not getting to Zelda.", I thought. Link is just a kid who has to save the world. But he WANTS to save the world. Even though it's almost an impossible task, you see him wanting to do it. You can relate to him. Gordon? not so much.

Also, that point about how Link kinda talks through the conversation menus? It also applies to Gordon. I seriously doubt that he would remain quiet forever if it was a real situation. I mean, he didn't do much to prevent a tragedy but I doubt he's literally mute.

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