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This is a wonderful comic // The second panels "talk dirty to me" and the last panels happy face are everything that is right with the world and the 5th panel is everything that is wrong with the world




Captcha: Weylan Yutani
Oh, come on, Captcha. If you're going to nerd out, nerd out properly. Typos are for losers.

Completely not contributing to the thread he but you ought to check your facts if you're gonna correct people

The company's original name was Weylan-Yutani, briefly seen on a monitor in the film Alien; this name was created by Ron Cobb, one of the designers of the Nostromo and its crew's uniforms. The "d" was added to the first part of the name by James Cameron in Aliens.

Source: http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Weyland-Yutani

Because... The Captcha is a person and I can't goof off with it? What? I'm confused.

I did contribute to the thread, you got hung up on the Captcha part. I mentioned my own experience buying my first GPU. As for the correction - hey, I'll guess I'll just go hand my Geek Cred card right back to the Nerd Police.

I honestly didn't know. "Weyland-Yutani" has become more or less canon, so I'll more than likely stick to it. Kudos to whoever thought of that piece of trivia at Solve Media, though.

Sorry, I meant I wasn't contributing to the thread ... never mind!

I don't trust graphics cards.
They're constantly updating the drivers, which means they don't actually know how to use them.
That clearly means they're not human-made, but rather alien made, or at least based on breach technology.

the last panel is me when i get to install new components.
when i had to completely rebuild my gaming rig last summer because my old one died i was actually really disappointed when everything was running when i turned it on for the first time.

Sounds like one of my friends who is really into cars. He'll practically live in his garage for days at a time if he can find an excuse to screw around with his car.

OT: Was a good strip, I lol'd, etc.

Haha, best one in a while. Reminds me of the last time I walked into best buy. I just wanted a new adapter T-T

I also like the way you potrayed Erin here. Less like a "cynical gamer chick" and more like a typical nerd with the layers of composure stripped away.

Ha! Joke's on you, two months ago I upgraded from a Pentium D to a second hand Q6600.

Oddly enough I just went from a Pentium-D 820 to an e6600.

An old processor I know but nothing in my PC is exactly high-tech.

e6600 overclocked to 3ghz
Asrock conroe1333-dvi/h motherboard
4gb of Kingston Value DDR2 RAM
Nvidia Geforce GT640 (2gb) graphics card.
All powered by a Corsair TX750w power supply.

Still it's a big improvement from what I used to have. Currently enjoying playing Tomb Raider at normal settings, 1680x1050 resolution, and with TressFX enabled.


I know what you mean, the performance boost has been amazing. I've been struggling with just about everything on the Pentium D lately, but with the Q6600 and an extra 4GB of DDR2, everything I've tried is perfectly playable on medium to high. But not on that large a resolution, my display isn't that big.

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