OMG Girlz Don't Exist on teh Intarweb!!!!1

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Most of the girls I know play either a high end console or pc, so I wouldn't be surprised in the least by a girl gamer. But I don't like MMOGs so I would not know about this situation you speak of.

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As far as I know here in Norway, the only place where there isn't full equality is in the submarines..
Women are involved in frontline fighting and stuff though.
Oh, there's one other thing too.
Men are required to be checked for suitability as a soldier, women only have the option.
Anyway, the point is, both genders fight here.
Also, if you look at Israel they have women fighting too and so does many other countries.

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Pregnancy insurance? Oo
Don't even think that kind of things exist here..
The state cover all sort of things like that with the regular welfare system here in Norway.
However there is some monthly expenses that girls do have...
I guess someone should suggest subsidizing those to one of the political parties...
As for how to change the attitudes..
Education and active government intervention..
It's not foolproof, but it do help.
Basically, make sure that everyone hear about people from one gender doing well in an area where the other gender is dominating.
And teach people to recognize the small details that is their actual discrimination of the other gender.
Unfortunately the government effort here in Norway where reduced in the middle of the nineties and the gender-roles are starting to slip back a little to the old paths although it's by no means as bad as it used to be..
Something that might be worth trying out though..
There where once a strike on Iceland where the majority of all the women there refused to do anything but sitting together and talk.
No dishwashing, no washing of the clothing, no looking after the kids, no food on the table and no sex.
The male population sure got an awakening at that point in time..

Honestly, it's just my gender being stupid and giving female comedians material to work with. I, on behalf of my gender, apologize for their stupidity, and leave you with the knowledge that you, I and a good majority of the Escapist know that girls are everywhere, even in gaming.

I'm a gamer girl, And I talk on ventrilo sometimes, But I don't really like it when there are guys because everytime I talk they're like "OMG A GIRL" Jeez, This is so annoying but I'm very happy with my friend's ventrilo, A private ventrilo, There are a lot of girls, Let's say 10 at a time, No men. only "sometimes" But anyways, we do exist on internet, We can do anything we want. Thank you for this thread, Let me say one thing to that girl who made this thread, Just pretend to be a guy and you won't get annoyed or anything, NO one will ever whisper you and do some naughty stuff, Meh, About me.. I'm lesbian and I get men very annoying, hope they die. And everything will be okay. Not gonna answer back I know men are gonna insult me and stuff Blabla. Baibai.

Thanks very much for this article. Twas a breath of fresh air. Also I agree - mathematics is the key the to universe. Too bad Godel had to bust our bubble.

Can't say that reflects my WoW experience involving women.

I'm not trying to downplay this issue becaues I do believe it exists but there's some serious self victimization going on here.

I'm sure there are girls on the internet, I won't be ignorant and deny it.
But, in my two and a half years of having Xbox live, along with the hundreds of hours I've played on it, I have only ever heard a girl speak once.
And she claimed that the copy of GTA 4 she was playing wasn't even hers, it was her boyfriend's.

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