Zero Punctuation: Ninja Gaiden 2

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Gooooo..... to........ HELL!!!

sure the review was okay and did point out the gliches(of which there arnt any unless you console is F*&ked(also i hate swearing hence the F*&ked bit)) all i realy got out of this is that you have no taste. + ninja gaden black kicks ass try it!!!

also its an ace game if not a little easy coz of the way in which the levels are set, with an ovious rout but yes the claws are the best but if you still have it figure out the izunadrop with the sword it kick assssssssssss!!! the bober

NG II is the hardest thing i've ever had to play through..

If the bosses weren't hard enough the first time around, you have to fight them again!


The games a pile

Didn't care for the game to much, my friend kill it for me also.

Difficulty is TOO HIGH!


For example, a French blurb on the back of the box states : "un jeu terrible". It was obvious that they meant something like "a frightening game" or "a awe-inspiring game", however "terrible" literally translates to... terrible. I couldn't believe it, so I showed it to my Acadian friend. He confirmed it. I love unintentional humor.

Heh, I noticed the "jeu terrible" thing as well, being like "oop, maybe they should've checked their translation

but yeah, game's fun and combat's addicting...when you're not getting your *** kicked...which is frequently

I agree with this review, and also feel kind've ashamed to be in its "target audience"
Good game, could've been great, too many obstacles to greatness, ie lackluster platforming, far from seemless gameplay mechanics, and all around glitches (my game files got corrupted on the end cutscene before the final boss leaving me feeling the biggest case of ninja blue balls of my life)

one thing though, the exploding shurikens, if you time a roll (or whatever its called in this one, reverse wind) so that they explode in the middle of the roll they don't send you flying and you take slightly less damage.

personally I found this game to be a cakewalk when compared with ninja gaiden 1 (xbox) and its RIDICULOUS download content hurricane packs (and even ninja gaiden on normal before the DLC)

Dustbin cameras are a conceivable threat to many gamers.

I geeked out when the CIA agents were dressed in those skimpy outfits. Another great review!

Seems to me that the people complaining about the difficulty are simply bad at the game. If you're having trouble, use the Claws like he says in his review - they're the easiest way to beat the game.

Great review Yahtzee - spot on (as if you didn't already know that)

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