The Escapist Show: Episode Two: Vicious Cycle & Eat Lead

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Russ Pitts:

What? The ZP Theme rocks! Anyway, both pieces of music were composed by the same dude, our Music Coordinator, Ian Dorsch. So if you're a fan of either, you're a fan of Ian.

Well, there's no accounting for taste (mine, I guess). But indeed, no aspersions cast on the skills of Mr Dorsch. Bitching about ZPs music is a little old hat too, I suppose. Maybe if it was funkier, like that piece in the show. I can dream.

I haven't seen any footage of Eat Lead. Thanks for going into the breach Russ.

Wait a minute, Moviebob is the Game Overthinker? I...suddenly feel violated at being tricked into watching something that moron made again.

He'd almost be likable, if he wasn't an aggressively obvious Nintendo fanboy and if he didn't sound like a whining know-it-all preteen.

Go-go Frank Klepacki!

Funny but comedy fps have already been perfected by the timesplitters series so i would play that instead of this.

Funny but comedy fps have already been perfected by the timesplitters series so i would play that instead of this.

You're not one of those "it's not my favorite game so I won't give anything new a chance" purists are you?

Very nice video. Keep up the good work and I hope you guys make a lot more of these. I may also give Eat Lead a try, looks like a realistic version of Ratchet and Clank in terms of writing.

On a side note: Lucky shot. It's always great catching moments like that on Camera.

Yahtzee can get you in anywhere but zeropunctuation doesn't get music anywhere near as cool as the Escapist Show.

What's wrong with ZP's music? Its perfect for it. I don't think the Escapist Shows theme tune would work with Zero Punctuation.

After watching eps 4 and 9, I came back to see this one. My opinion is largely unchanged, but I discovered that I can save myself grief by letting the whole episode load then skipping ahead to the Movie Bob review.

In case anyone who makes decisions has missed my opinion, here it is again:

Stop trying to be cute, you suck at it.
There's more bad than good here. What's supposed to be endearing and campy is just frustrating filler; watching people cosplay and goof around in front of a camera is something I can get from you tube if I were ever really in the mood for that sort of thing. The more people from the escapist try to be cute, the more it hurts my head, worse still the less traffic I'm likely to give it.

Ditch the Yahtzee previews.
I like his show a great deal so there's nothing you need to sell me on. Consequently, showing me an out of context clip of a show I'm going to watch in less than a week is unnecessary and stupid.

Give MovieBob his own show
It's the only thing I found interesting and entertaining in what was otherwise a waste of time.

Awesome looking game.. and best movie review ever.

Eat Lead sounded like a good game, but the company doesn't seem to be an expert in anything, meaning they'll suck at everything they do.

Also, MovieBob, yeah, he's cool.

Lots of Laughs
I just found moviebobs overthinker blog and a link to this was on it.
And its true. I was thinking, "what movie is he talking about?"
so no one remembers it.
Instead they will remember transformers 2 -_-

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