Escapist Podcast: 101: More Pacific Rim & Game Franchises

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You know, Pacific Rim isn't in the theaters yet here in Finland, so it would be nice if you would not spoil everything.
I skipped the part where you specifically talked about it, but you still brought it up anyway.

My fault, though, I suppose. I should have not listened to this at all.

Don't worry, they didn't spoil the best bit where Brian Blessed voiced the Kaiju singing a Duet with Patrick Steward's Royal Navy captain character.

The Tutu probably was a bit much, but I'm surprised that either of them can still hit some of those notes.

Stiff Warrnambool with Blaster Hand. Ah Australian names, you so crazy. The name translates to "two swamps" or "ample water", sooo Two Stiff Swamps and an Ample Water Blaster?

Ironically I burnt my hand.

Love this Ep. Although, I am a huge Gundam fan and the talk of the suits was almost painful to listen to. Never saw Wing, but in all the series I have seen which is basically every one except Wing, there was no neural or mental link component. In the origional Mobile Suite Gundam, all the mobile suits were just that suits that anyone could pilot. The only reason many of the main characters seemed to have special abilities is because most of the pilots were Newtypes, evolved humans, who evolved because of humanities living in and colonization of space. Later on in the origional universal century stories in gundam I think they started doing more mental link suits like the psycho commu systems but I can't remember how connected the pilots were to the suit of the top of my head.

I pilot the Hot Santa Fe, with it's fearsome laserhead.

Jaeger name is "Flying Sydney" (British columbia not Australia)
Special Move is "Electric Forhead"

Headbutting Kaiju in the Name of Canadian defence!!

Dear baby Jesus, I'm cringing my face off... Here we have four people who are self-proclaimed nerds and several are even heavy into stuff like Evangelion, BattleTech and whatnot... yet only one of you refer to these monstrosities as mechs. They are not goddamn robots. Robots don't have pilots. What you're talking about HAVE pilots, ergo they are not robots. Your nerd cards have been revoked.

Also, will someone please make Justin stop saying "nucular"?

That was surreal...

I was googling the Dresden Files for a friend... and then someone mentioned it.


This is hysterical....

I pilot Middle Phoenix with the secret weapon the..... Slam Uterus.

Quickly Downey, with its fearsome Blaster Forearm!

As for the Gundam stuff, the only one that really had the feedback, barring some kind of unique prototype experimental computer (ZERO system, EXAM system, etc.), was G Gundam; what with that being the only way you can do martial arts in a Mobile Suit.

Jaeger name: Happy Draper
Superweapon: Electric Wrist

Like an electrified wrist blade, Assassin's Creed style? Not sure how easy it will be to blend in the a Jaeger crowd.

Or maybe like the Russian in Iron Man 2 with electric whips tethered around the wrists -- that would be sick.

I pilot the Grand Columbus, fully equipped with an Electric Toe!

As far as new games go ... how about a mashup ... Grand Theft Speeder: Coruscant City?

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