Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 2

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Hilarious as most of the time. :D There needs to be a "chest high walls" T-Shirt, with two sections of brick or rock colored over the breast [both male and female] regions. ;)

Hahaha, I'd buy a couple


-Partial Snip-

And Yahtzee was certainly right about the research lab section. First it's full of Wretches, which aren't exactly scary when it promptly hands you a flamethrower, and then there's the experiments themselves. It's hard to be immersed in the survival-horror atmosphere when you're the one with the chainsaw:

"Ew, I got bits on me"

Those things ought to fight back the same way as Lancer-armed opponents would.

I agree. That level is the most fun for me though actually because I can go on an insane chainsaw fest. If you could somehow have a chainsaw duel with them it would be a pretty cool level, but with how they swarm you you'd be cut up a ton of times. I find it pretty fun to just have "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING" "bzzzzzZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" "There's another one!!" "BzzzzzzzZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!"

I don't get the random Freud referance. >.<

He tries so hard to not like the game but come on, it rocks.

Well this review seemed like exactly what a ZP review should be. Funny, full of penis jokes, and a little white man with a cool hat. Actually whenever I try to picture yathzee's avatar without his hat, I can't help thinking he looks like something Fox News might dream up. Actually thats an interesting thought. What would Fox do if they saw ZP? probably bash it to shit but somehow manage to get it more viewers than a strip club/bar on a friday night before the end of the world.

Was that a Piracy spoof at the end O.o?

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