The Impossible Yahtzee Quiz!

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lol, gave me a chuckle but reinforced the idea that escapist is unprofessional and a bit stoopid

not necessarily a bad thing, i still watch all the stuff you put on here

This misspelled opinion comes to you directly from Mr. "TitsMcGee1804"

wow i cant have a sense of humour and an opinion at the same time?

also...dont comment on posters english, it makes the credibility of your counter-post negligible if you have to mark how well written some randomers post on the internet is

I don't think the name "TitsmcGee" conveys humor, it certainly doesn't convey professionalism, it reminds me of those little 12 year old idiots who put 69 in their xbox live gamer-tag and giggle.

im not trying to convey professionalism...jesus...i was just expressing my opinion, doesnt matter what my internet name is, what do you want it to be?! 'CEO Of a big serious website company'

NO, im sat here in my pants scratching my behind...but who cares?! im gonna reply to the escapist staff now because they were nice enough to consider my opinion

Its just that you calling the escapist unprofessional seems like a 400 pound guy calling someone fat


*trimmed for length*

Your feedback was very useful actually, because it highlighted exactly why your view of the site is so skewed. You're ignoring a great deal of the site's content, how could it not be?

use it or abuse it, doesnt affect me in the slightest

7/10 and 1927th. I know my place ._.

1st try - 70
2nd try - 60
3rd try - 70

well, I AM still passing at least. I'll 100 this... just you wait

EDIT: 8th try - 100! haha

The odds of getting %100 (assuming the answers are picked absolutely randomly) are:

1 in 1,048,576.

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play

WarGames ftw.

40% on first try.
60% on second try.
100% on third try.

Took me many tries but at last I got it.

Prepare to be shocked.

Tries: 49

In my defence I did faff about a lot watching TV and the like.

Finally i completed it... Only 28 tries and 29 minutes. Really hard quiz.

argh.... Stupid quiz

Is it me, or does question 6 not have an answer at all?

After multiple attempts, I am forced to quote Yahtzee himself from his review of "Demon's Souls":

"A challenge is one thing but trying to break down a cement wall with your forehead isn't a challenge, it's grounds for getting fucking sectioned!"


I had 70% on my first but after each retry I failed more, I am now at 40%

I have successfully completed the quiz after 30,592,192,590 tries. All hail the moron.

The first time I tried this I was like OMGWTF


Anyway I got 40% :P

100% after 33mins and 9 attempts.... 0_o

Damn it, Yahtzee, you are a pretty epic troll. Mind you, I did get 7/10 on my first go.

Now all I have to do is write down what all the answers were I picked each time and maybe I'll actually get it right...
Edit: Four tries and four minutes of my life later, I finally got them all right. ...Yahtzee, you joker.

Well, 60% on the first go, and I'm one who doesn't believe I deserve to retry a quiz from someone I admire so highly. Something I picked up in all my years of admiring some of my teachers and professors and their quizzes!

90% on the first try. 100 on the third. it frightens me how i gravitated to most of the right answers.

I hate this quizz.

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