Nintendo Confirms Master Quest for Ocarina of Time 3D

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Tomo Stryker:
Still doesn't mean jack shit until they remake it for their newest console. Ocarina of Time took me over three months to beat without a guide and the Master Quest took about three weeks. Just goes to show that Nintendo is one huge recycling factory.

They keep proving that they have absolutely no creative power. I mean, look at Zelda, they keep beating that barely living yet profitable horse with Skyward Sword now "trying to reinvent the wheel", where the "reinvented wheel" which will be the end result will happen to be the same good ol' round wheel.

Yes, I said it.

Zelda and other games from Nintendo are like reheated steaks.
Quite good ones, but still.

Yea....making 4 console Zelda games accross a longer amount of time than 5 Halo and CoD games were made and 10 Madden, NFL, NHL, etc. games were made is truly beating a dead horse.....especially when each of those 4 games has a different graphical style, story, setting, and several new gameplay mechanics. (Seriously, if you felt that playing OOT, Majora's Mask, and Windwaker all gave you the same experience, than something's wrong with you) All those Mario games too.....64=Sunshine=Galaxy right? The exact same games!

Seriously, why does everybody have a double standard when it comes to Nintendo? For Christ's sake we've had more console GTA's in the last 10 years than we have either Mario, Zelda, or Metroid. Of course they're going to keep their big titles alive. The amount of bitching if they didn't would be 100x the amount that they get for "re-releasing the same game over and over." Everyone jumps on the "Nintendo is a recycling factory" bandwagon when in reality, they're one of the best examples of creativity in the industry. The fact that they have about 30 franchises is proof enough of this. It comes down to whether they improve and expand upon these franchises with each iteration and keep them feeling fresh, and Nintendo does this much better than most devs. Skyward sword is using precise motion control throughout the game, has a new art style, several new items, and I'm sure many more surprises in store for anyone who plays it. If it's the same as TP, than ME2 is the same as ME1, GTA4 is the same as GTASA, BLOPS is the same as MW2, (well that one is actually true) and Fallout 3 is same as Oblivion.

No creativity? Most people would argue that Nintendo needs to reel in their creativity. Just look at their most recent consoles, WiiFit, and the Vitality sensor. Anybody who doesn't think that Nintendo is creative obviously hasn't played Galaxy 1 or 2. (Yes Galaxy 2 is extremely creative and if you don't think so you're pretentious and/or dumb)

That said, I was planning on getting OOT3d already so this is just icing on the cake. I'm surprised that Nintendo didn't announce this earlier and to a grander audience. I'm sure that this news would tip the scale for many people who are hesitant to buy a game they've already purchased and played in the past or who are new to the Zelda series and need a little extra incentive to give it a try.

I agree with you. I believe in general people tend to think stuff from genres they don't like are all the same. I don't like techno, so to me all techno sounds the same. Someone who doesn't like metal would probably say all metal sounds the same. That goes for games as well. As a Zelda fan I think each Zelda game has its unique quality.

The only franchise I can think of that I really like, but will admit that it is basically the same game over and over again is Pokemon.

Asuka Soryu:
I just wish the 3DS came with a free game like the NES did.

No system really comes with "a free game". If the 3DS package did include a game, then the price would be aproximately 50 bucks more. So it wouldn't come with a free game as much as it would force you to buy a game along with the console.

Master Quest? The one with the weird difficulty curve where the first dungeon could also be Ganons Castle?

I found certain dungeons in Master Quest to be far more do-able than the original. Water Temple wasn't as much as a ballache and I actually managed to fully explore the Fire Temple and get all the Gold Skulltulas in it.

To date, i've never gotten to either top floor in the standard Fire Temple.

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