300 Director to Develop Star Wars Standalone Based on Seven Samurai

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So, according to some of the links people have posted it looks like this might not be happening. What a shame, this was something I could get behind.

But I was looking forward to speed-ramped Jedi-knight fights >.>. Oh well, at least he has two other films coming out that will hopefully satisfy my wants.

So, Snyder is making a remake of Battle Beyond the Stars? I think that's pretty cool.

Say what you will, I'm looking forward, I'm REALLY looking forward, and the fact that it's a stand alone makes it all the better. And DO the slow-mo!

That sounds so terrible. Lets take the most boring aspect of Star Wars(Jedi) and make a movie just about that. Yahoo. The sooner the force, jedi, and sith stop being a part of Star Wars, the sooner it'll become a franchise I give a shit about again.

Why would you want to tarnish a good story with space wizards?


A new Star Wars film every few years....? Does that not make anyone else feel nauseated!? >.>

This is the kind of thing that excited me when I heard Disney bought Star Wars. The license(you might say, universe)or Star Wars is so massive that you could make any kind of movie you wanted in it and it could work. Personally, I'm still waiting for a Star Wars movie about politics and class tensions in which a single lightsaber is never drawn.

Color me very interested. This is what that franchise needs.

Well, if Snyder's denial is legitimate, there go my hopes all raised high and then crushed into the dirt. Looks like i got escapisted again.

RJ Dalton:
I'm interested, but not with Zack Snyder as the director. His directorial style is . . . I'm not even sure if I can come up with the words to properly describe it. It's like a codfish trying to be sexy with a blob of lemon jello.

. . .

I'm going to stick with that. It's as good as anything else I could come up with.

Somehow that analogy fits perfectly

I'm glad that this isn't happening. I don't have to expect every fight scene to look like 300... Just like it did in watchmen and sucker punch

---Slow Motion fight move setup.....
--Slow Motion fight move setup.....
--Slow Motion fight move setup.....

As long as it's Star Wars Live Action, I will love it. If it's another full CGI length like the last movie to kickstart the cartoon wars, then it will fail.

Sounds awesome, now all they need is Star Wars Samurai armour and my brain will melt!

...And now Zack Snyder says he's not doing it.
Oh wells. Nothing of value was gained, nothing of value was lost.

I actually quite like Zack Snyder, although it must be said that if he wants to make Standalone stories, I strongly suggest he just consider doing the books that aren't based on Jedis. It would be a refreshing take, I think. Sadly, I've never read any of the books, but a Zack Snyder helmed Shadows of the Empire would be pretty cool, and my knowledge of SotE is based solely on what I remember of the N64 game.

I think regardless of Man of Steel succeeding or not, though, I don't think Snyder will want to take over Star Wars, really. I have the feeling his acceptance of it would be the same as Quentin Tarantino's to some degree.

Still, I'd probably watch it.

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