NASA Videos Solar Eruption Aimed at Earth

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Thank God for all that awesome magnetosphere we got otherwise we would be crunchy
One more reason for NOT messing with our poles
Just looked at the Martians who fucked with their South pole
Ooops, my bad, you can't look at them, because they all are FUCKING DEAD.


If you want to save you electronic devices from an EMP or smiler event, cover it in anti-static casing.


Does anyone else find it scary that "millions of tons of solar material" being ejected into space looks like a tiny bubble popping?

Nothing like solar events to make you realize just how small and insignificant in the universe you really are, huh?

It's especially good at that when you realise a solar flare is usually larger than earth and if one was to hit us at the strength they are leaving the sun the earth would either be stripped dead or vaporised.

Natural earth defence forcefield - 1
Sun - 0
We win the battle, but the war is not over.

Looked more like a solar burp, but it's still offensive. When to we launch the nukes?

America should launch a couple nukes back at it. That'll learn it.

Sending a nuke to the Sun would be similar to an amoeba farting on you. The Sun wouldn't even notice.

Not to mention the fact that the Sun is just a MASSIVE run away nuclear reaction anyway. other words, the sun farted in our general direction

Dara O'Briain comes to mind...

Okay, it's actually a biiit late, but hey. I feel that it's still relevent.

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