"Rape Game" On Amazon Triggers Anger, Outrage

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I really wish I was sit with these guys and could argue for videogames, I'd totally floor them.

God dammit Japan, why the hell do you have to keep killing the videogame industry

wow there is allot of ban hammered people in here.

Anyway, come on japan.

World War 3 will be between Australia, Britain, South America, and Japan.

Geez, what a complicated mess.

What Canada is'nt involved, for shame

"Japan: if you can dream it, we can dream it being furiously raped by an octopus." -The Game Overthinker, AKA Moviebob.

why japan? why must you plague US with your rape games that arent socially appropriate outside of Japan???

Andy Chalk:
"It is intolerable that anyone would purchase a game that simulates the criminal offense of rape,"

But it's okay for anyone to purchase a game that simulates the criminal offence of murder? Got it!

A game about rape isn't all that much different from say Grand Theft auto where you can bang a prostitute, kill her, and then take your money back...if you think about it that is a form of rape right there, so at the core it really isn't that different.

hmm, seems like an interesting game, sick and twisted, but none the less interesting. but in all hoesty this simply boils down to the ridiculous arguement of "if you do it in a game your more likely going to do it in real life", i would play this game (not for long by the looks), but i wont go around raping people. its in the same sense as GTA. I played san andreas and slapped around some prostitutes with a dildo. I havn't done it for real.

I don't particulary fair to use this as a example for anti video game crusades as it's not sold outside Japan.

But the game itself is just plain disturbing. Has anyone here ever actually played the damn thing? I dread to think of what's in it *shudders*.

I honestly think it is better that people do the rape sh*t in games, rather than on the streets. I mean isn`t that what games are for, letting out your dark urges. (and entertainment of course)

Who is surprised? We are talking about a country which brought us hentai so something like that shouldn't surprise us.

yea but this is about stalking prey and RAPING them.

that's unacceptable.

Meh I don't see the game as being offensive cause it is a completely unappealing to me. But, if someone gets a hard on for it and want to buy it off of Amazon that's their perogative and really none of my business. Which brings me to my point if you don't like the idea of the game and such then just turn a blind eye to it and say that's nasty but come on being outraged seems like a waste of time since it's giving the thing more publicity then you would want. But that's just me and my ideas are generally different then others so it is what it is.

Hasnt this game been out for years?

And isn't it only commercially available in japan?

Boohoo. They should keep it up, before long these anti-gamers will make guest appearances in games.

it's no sicker than the mass murders you inevitably commit in GTA
sure, some sick perverts will get their jollies to this game
but there's a sick 'manhunt' side of appeal to this game that'll attract those gamers that haven't left their room for 1000 years and have never seen an unpixelated nipple

Look at it from a different standpoint if although this is kinda of dirty and all it is a fake world what is the difference between rape or gunning innocence it is all virtual if given to the right people it may prevent people from doing it in a virtual world but this is just what politics need is another hole to attack games from

oh and

I don't care how sick games will become or get if any political figures dare say I don't have the freedom to decide if I can play this game or not I guarantee you will see me on the front lines defending gaming. So yeah smuty but fuck we should decide if we buy it and if politics say "the children" well then the parents have to be dumb shit to buy a game called rape

how realistic is this game? is there achievements?thats my sick joke for today.

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