Shag, Marry or Holiday? *Gamer edition*

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Holiday: GlaDOS

Marry: Alyx Vance (Smartest, and most attractive person I've "met" in a computer game. Also can put up with quiet people well...)

Sex: Uh....

Funny, the Captcha is "foul play".

Holiday: Isaac Clarke. The man deserves a vacation... filled with hot bikini babes because I'm taking him to Cancun!

Marry: Um... I don't know. Sheeva from MK for ultimate handjobs until I die. :P

Shag: Jill Valentine. Well I just wanna make a Jill sandwich, you got a problem with that?


Shag: Master Hand. Let's be honest, it's better to aim for something I have a chance with.

wow... just wow...

holiday: raz from psychonauts -- awesome psychic would have so much fun fucking with people

marry: ... i don't know

shag: my Femshep hot but she is way to renegade to the point of being to much of a mega bitch

Shag- Miranda (Mass Effect 2): There's a reason it was called Ass Effect/Mass Erect.

Marry- Princess Zelda (take a fucking guess): I like the sound of King Ruedyn, plus if Link won't finish the job I guess I'll have to.

Holiday- Varric (Dragon Age 2): Good drinking buddy and good in a fight.

I would've chosen Liara for shag or marry, but she is the shadow broker, so I wouldn't be able to have a single secret any more.

I'd personally holiday with Mion/Shion (the twins from the Higurashi games), because it'd be pretty awesome to hang out with them both, they love games (as do I), and generally I think it'd be fun. And it'd be awesome to go on holiday with a pair of hot twins too ;D.

I'd marry April Ryan, from The Longest Journey/Dreamfall, because she's basically my ideal girl (albeit not Irish), except a fictional character. Seriously, if she was a real person, I would just propose on the spot. Amazing personality, great sense of humour (snarky and witty - my two favourites), clever and resourceful, very attractive, and most definitely a cynical bastard, which I love - what's not to like?

Finally, I'd shag Alice from the American McGee games, because she's great looking, and also because I have a bit of a thing for psycho girls. For that same reason, in fact, my other choice would have been Rena Ryugu from the Higurashi games again, except if she was a few years older - she isn't my choice here though because quite frankly I'm not into underage girls, and the character is only like 15 or so (looks older, but then again it is a Japanese game...).

Holiday: Duke Nukem. It would be fucking sweet.

Shag: Anya (Gears of War) she seems so stuck up, needs a good one to chill out and it's always the really serious folk who go mental.

Marry: Princess Peach. She's rich.

Shag: Rayne from BloodRayne, because

Marry: I'm going to just cheat and say I'd marry the Tali from Mass Effect 2, She's the perfect woman. She's funny, brave, sweet, slightly defective (I find that attractive), sexually aggressive, low tolerance for alcohol (I can relate), an engineer, an Alien (Which means she can't have kids, so yay). That body doesn't hurt either.

And she's good at practical jokes, I don't know who's picture she gave Shepard, but I'm still content to believe Tali looks like

Holiday: If I had to choose someone to spend my entire holiday with it would be Samantha Traynor from Mass Effect 3. Because I haven't played a decent game of chess in ages. And I'm already friends with a bunch of lesbians, so I think we'd hit it off.



Marry: Maria from Silent Hill 2.

I swear that's Mary? Maybe we got different endings...

Holiday: Johnny Gat. I know he dies but this is before that and the vacation would never get boring.
Marry:Miranda Lawson because she is a badass and she would always keep me on my toes.
Shag: Viola SR3 she is really beautiful.

Wow, this was harder than I expected.

Holiday - Myron from Fallout 2! It would be fun to watch him try, and fail spectacularly, to pick up chicks. As a more serious answer, maybe Merill from Dragon Age II. She seems like a fun person to hang around with (except for the whole Blood Magic thing).

Shag - The Dryad from the Witcher: because she was super hot, and while normally I would feel guilty and awkward about a one night stand, she seemed pretty upfront about it being "no-strings-attached" (I wouldn't kill any wolves to nail her, though. I'm not down with that).

Marry - ZoŽ Castillo from Dreamfall. She's gorgeous, has a beautiful voice, and I liked her a lot as a person. As an alternative, I might go with Mina from Alpha Protocol because we're both nerds, and I might get along with her better than with ZoŽ.

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