Your battle theme

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Depends what kind of game! For the most part, this one:

But if we were going with a more old-school 16-bit vibe, then I think I would go for this:

Daystar Clarion:
The Sun Rises motherfuckers!

Ain't no way I'll lose now :D

I love this track so much.

Ah, when will I finally find the time and mindset to finish that game?!


For a one on one showdown with my enemy, I can't help but have this theme running through my head. Not too extreme, or over the top, just enough to get the action going and keep exciting.

Or for something a little more high octane and epic:

Why must Ys music kick so much ass.

Possibly one of the greatest songs from any video game.

I personally dont like any FF game after the first (no-hipster) but i would almost consider playing 7 just to have this song playing over the final boss batte

While my character gets ready for the battle I would love to hear this:

Then any of these would get me thought the battle:

Then this if my character isn't gonna make it.

1 v 1 fight against Protagonist and myself:

All sound effects would have an echoy effect during the fight, like in Chrono Trigger when you're fighting the outside shell of Lavos in the Ocean Palace.

And speaking of Chrono Trigger, if it's a full party arriving to take me on, look no further than one of the greatest boss themes of all time:

In either case, once they had taken me down to 1/2 health and I go into rage mode, it'd switch to this after a short little "Enough toying around" speech:

And just like Rubicante I'd restore the heroes to full health and mp before proceeding to give them one Ragnarok-esque battle.

Gotta turn to good old Soul Reaver for this one:


I've actually starting running a lot of Two Steps from Hell in the background while playing stuff recently. Good stuff to listen to.

To think I would be ninja'd... I commend you for your excellent choice, sir! And yes, I've started listening to Epic Orchestra tracks like these when gaming too, or whil reading, walking etc. It suddenly makes anything feel earth-shatteringly important.

OT: My battle theme would be this:

The Stage Music for You Only Live Once would be my boss music.

Did I won or something?

As nice as music is, for a battle however...the only true answer should be utterly overwhelming and deafening silence.

Man, thats a serious tie. Funnily my two top choices would be from Serious Sam 3. That game has some of the best fight music i've ever heard, honestly.

Top Choice:

Runner Up:

I don't care what age, where, what time period, what type of war, how large or small the conflict. This is it.

I keep these in my iphone for that day. I hope I'll never have to play them.

I think I'd use this track created by the fantasic Mr Dave.

Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl. Deffo.

epic battle against the protagonist? it would have to be this song for me

or maybe this for shits and giggles

long time posters might notice a pattern forming here ......

Why would I want to face the PROtagonist? I'm a good guy!

I would go for memorable an catchy shit like this:

remembered in a bad way, but still remembered.

Well, look at me. It can really only be one thing.

If I'm the rival, this.

If I'm the Antagonist, this.

Edit: Videos don't seem to be working, so here are the links.

Here's two I love:

Techincally I'm obeying the words of George Bush but in this context I'm suprisingly fine with that.

If I was a standard boss that you'd encounter in the game, this song works.


As a really important (evil) boss, though, maybe something a bit more like this...

^Kind of a twisted song.

This no contest.

Well, since it's me and I like things to be nice, plain and simple, I'd go for the battle music from Dark Cloud.

Look it up, and you will die of blandness. It's really good....but it's also very plain.

Why the hell not.

Credens Justitiam (Mami's theme Madoka Magica)

I've got a few options, and they're either Therion or Dimmu Borgir:

For a bossfight, this:

Darn, that game had good music

Wasn't there a thread just like this two days ago?

Since I'm the antagonist, I can't use the theme Emiya which would guarantee my victory, so I'll have to go with this from the visual novel Fate/Stay Night:

Hallvard Dovakiin:
Wasn't there a thread just like this two days ago?

But we weren't the antagonist, totally different situation.

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