Assassins Creed 3 PS3: Buggiest AAA Game of the Decade?

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I'm not sure this counts as AAA, but it's still a big brand, so...
Sonic 06 was the first 360 game I got, and boy did it let me down. NOTHING can be buggier than this without being completly unplayable. I like the Adventures, I like Heroes, I even like Shadow, but this... ugh. Thank god for Colours and Generations.

Yeah, no. If we're talking "decade" literally here and going for the last ten years (which we should be, because otherwise we're only taking the last two years), then you've got the likes of Fallout 3/New Vegas, Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, RAGE, Knights of the Old Republic, pretty much every MMO (though I'm not sure if it's fair to include them), Advent Rising, I Wanna Be The Guy, Half-Life 2 and the launch of Steam, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, etc. etc.

I noticed a few glitches while my friend was playing AC3 on his PS3 (water having warped textures in one specific location underground, Connor's lower body clipping through the earth when he jumped onto a rock, a floating pole, disappearing enemies) but in the ten hours+ he had played it there was nothing game-breaking, which is more than can be said for any of those other games.

Hell, the first time I ever loaded up New Vegas, I went five minutes and then my character fused with the planet halfway between the starting area and the abandoned school and I had to start all over again.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and Sonic '06. Thanks above post for reminding me of that.

So New Vegas and Skyrim will have some competition, eh? Good. Not fair to keep the award in the Bethesda family.

Performance issues with PS3 games tend to be more due to the individual console rather than the games.

It especially comes up on refurbished PS3's, maybe that has something to do with it?

I don't think so, at least not all of it. As I posted earlier, in one cut scene the captain's mouth didn't move (happened to a lot off people). It's just his intense stare and voice. It took me awhile to get one hunter quest completed as the corpse I needed didn't spawn. I had to leave the animus and go back several times before it appeared. I saw one NPC stuck in the ground up to his waist flailing arms as if he was falling (though I must admit this was very funny). Some quest marks have not disappeared or the game didn't recognize the completion. All dead corpses I want to carry off have one disjointed leg, it's stuck upwards from the knee (don't know really how to explain that). These are just a few I could think of that I cannot blame on my PS3.

also, wtf's up with the horses changing colours every time you whistle or have to go through a loaded zone? in Brotherhood you can whistle for the last horse you had, even when you stop playing the game :) i had the black horse the entire game, named him Inky. i wish AC3 would do the same.

That bothered me as well :( I always had the black horse and in this game it's just a random horse that comes around. And I do find it irritating that my horse changes between load screens or disappears completely. The disappearance seems to happen between homestead and frontier. It looks a little silly when I'm racing to frontier with my random horse and when I emerge on the other side my horse has buggered off.

My favorite bug in AC3 was, I walked over to Achilles and multiples of him spawned in the room. Some stacking on him where he was standing and another in a chair where he was snoring.

The 360 version has its fair share of problems too. So far, I've observed:

- weapons unequipping themselves a number of times
- desynchronizing in the middle of a cutscene
- Connor's hair disappearing
- Connor's outfit changing/blending together during cutscenes
- NPCs walking through objects/other NPCs during cutscenes
- Horses falling as if shot, but no shot animations are seen nor heard
- Textures popping in/out
- Markers showing up on the map/HUD that are misplaced/already been dealt with (such as quest markers)

As for AC3 being the buggiest PS3 game of the decade, that may be saying too much too soon. After all, we're only a few years into the decade, and there's Skyrim.

I don't think it's the buggiest by any rate. To be honest I had more problems with Revelations (I swear to God this is true. One time in AC:R I shot a guard with a crossbow, whereupon he got stuck on some scenery, started spinning around and around, which stretched out his character model until it was no logger recognizable as a human, before launching into the air, turning into a bird and flying away. It was possibly the most surreal gaming experience I've ever had), but I have noticed a few annoying bugs, not to mention the voice syncing is so bad you'd think it was being dubbed over from Korean or something. So far the only thing that's actually inconvenienced me bug-wise was when I tried to dive into water and got stuck inside a rock.

Wow, so many glitches I never once encountered. Like that one time nothing went wrong and my gameplay was uninterrupted. I think you need to get your system checked.

True AC3 is buggy. I got it on the ps3 and a guy I was meant to follow started walking in a circle but that pretty much it. where as AC2 I fell through a roof and was stuck in a building

Yeah, I really hope these get patched, it's not like Ubisoft don't have the money.


This dear Lord in Heaven this. I could not even pretend to play that after 20 hours of play my saves would not load and the ENTIRE console crashed, then had to scan the disc every time it rebooted........

I may have aquired a PC version from a place that rhymes with irateplay.

But hey I already paid $60 for a nonrefundable POS that did not work at launch, I figure they already took my cash I was not going to buy another copy because they SUCK at testing their games.

Normally I'm rather against this sort of thing, but in your instance I believe it was justifiable. If they actually fixed the PS3 version, you would be stealing, but as it is you're just taking what you already paid for.

OT: Well, that sucks. I was gonna buy that game after my next paycheck. Is it really that unplayable, or is OP over reacting a bit?

It is unbelievably buggy. And it chugs like a mofo. I recognise you from your picture as someone I routinely argue with in the facebook comments, but I gotta say I think we can agree on something here.


Four words: Skyrim on the PS3.

That game became unplayable past a certain point. I'd say that's a little buggier, when the game is outright broken.

We have eight more years to go. Wait it out. And I will agree that AC on the PS3 isn't as great as the Xbox or PC version (I have the first and Revelations on console, while PC has Brotherhood and 2). I had tried Brotherhood on PS3 and I clearly felt shafted when I saw better performance on my PC, which has a MUCH worse graphics card.

I haven't had many problems with it. Only glitches for me were the captain's mouth not moving and a cutscene being completely blurry for some reason, but sense then it has worked fine.

I'm actually considering holding off playing more until another patch comes out; I like it, I like it a lot, but some bugs are just so jarring.

Also, anyone else noticed that the conversations that happen when yer walking alongside an NPC seem to get cut short because the journey is shorter than the conversation?

no nothing is buggier than gta: san andreas

Bethesda and their cohorts haven't released an even remotely finished RPG in a decade. Both on Ps3 and 360.

Xbox 360 version is just as bad. I have just started sequence 7 and my ally has dissappeared with noone around to kill him. It then says Ally lost and restarts the sequence. This seems to happen when I get off my horse. Anyone else experience this?

Another bug I came across is when I tried to take down some redcoats in a fort. They spotted me so I high tailed it to the cannon jumped over the wall and hid around the corner on the edge of the cliff. They couldnt see me anymore but they still grouped up on the other side of the wall and started shooting at me. I thought that was bad but the worst part is when the bullets went through the wall and knocked me off the cliff to my death. Epic Fail!!!!

I open a door repeatedly then fell and died.

I fell through the ground, then through white

Sorry for your troubles. I hope that the PC version will be better.

Anyway, for those that want a laugh:



I beelieeeve I can fly...

OT: I guess I got off lucky. Didn't have any major bugs in my playthrough. Worst I got was when Desmond wouldn't die after I accidentally fell down a pit and I had to restart the game.

Skyrim exists, so no, it's certainly not the buggiest or the most broken. Still a shame, though.

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