Will we see a Sequel to Human Revolution?

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human revolution was a great game with a absolutely atrocious ending. ME3 got absolutely crushed for it's forced choice ending, yet HR didn't get nearly as crucified.

granted there are some apples and oranges comparisons between the two, but any game the forces me to make a stupid choice at the end of a game full of ambiguity is shooting itself in the face.

Human Revolution never had a Casey Hudson figure telling us there would be dozens of endings or that our choices would have a major impact on what ending we got.

The endings were also in line with the different perspectives that had been discussed throughout the entire game. They weren't last minute pick your favorite color endings, but extensions of Sarif, Darrow and Taggart's ideologies.


Capitano Segnaposto:

Wasn't there some Actor that made a video about "Fruit Flies" watching him? I thought that was the beginning of the Viral Ads for the new one?

That was Sarif's voice actor, it was proven by someone that it was a fake video put together from clips of a Hobo series the VA does on Youtube.

Oh really? Damn, I was excited too T-T

I'd like to see another deus ex game done in the same way the Final Fantasy games are sequels to each other, with a few overarching themes and similarities (in FF's case Cid, airships, certain monsters etc., in DE case transhumanism, conspiracies, cyberpunk) but no conjoining plot. One of the problems HR had was that as a prequel it had to lead up to the original and be consistent with it, which made the plot a bit more constrained, and having it be a new setting (basically just an AU of deus ex) would give them all sorts of freedom to write something interesting.

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