Villains you feel sorry for

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Kitano from Battle Royale (the film, not the manga, he was an asshole in the manga)

Just a seemingly lonely man who used to be a teacher until being stabbed by a pupil. He never seems to enjoy the deaths and is always very kind to Noriko, such as when he gave her his umbrella so that she doesn't catch a cold from the rain. You can't help feeling sorry for him when his daughter tells him not to bother coming home.

I will always sympathize with Sephiroth. he was never a villain, he was nothing more than a puppet which ironically he did not realize. He was considered a hero only to find out he was nothing more than an manufactured monster part of some corporate experiment. The truth of what he is compacted with the reports he read in the shinra mansion that he thought was "truth" drove him mad. He became nothing more than a pawn to shinra and then JENOVA, so his madness and anger is a product of lies and betrayal.




...How could it get worse than that.
Anyway, I don't really feel bad for many villains, if only because their motives are often poorly explained.
Villain protagonists, however, are different.
Dexter is a guy I can agree with pretty much all of the time.

This may not be a good thing to say, but while reading the books and watching the series, I rarely disagreed with what Dexter did. He did what he had to to prevent becoming an ordinary soulless serial killer, instead becoming an evil guy killing serial killer. He doesn't kill innocents, and a few bad guys...disappear. What's not to like?

Edit: added some sentences

It's not a bad thing. He's necessarily evil. He can't be helped, and he's providing a service to the city.

The Madman:

The dastardly guy that is always tying dudley do-right's girlfriend to the railroad tracks.

Hes only malicious because of the moustache.

Snidely Whiplash: Villain extraordinary.

He also had a black top-hat and a cape, if those don't make him evil I don't know what does!


Blame the black cape, yeah thats okay...
Blame the black top hat, I'm a-okay with that...
Blame gaming on corrupting his upbringing, it's a load of bullocks but what ever
But never
Blame that glorious mustache, that simply superb and beautiful mustache
Its so... Stunning!
It lures you in with its glorious... glory!
Oh, its so beautiful...

...Your name fits you well.


He used to be a pretty good guy, then he found out he was part of an experiment, and that made him kinda flip out and go crazy.

I wanna say Big Boss. Not to be mistaken with THE BOSS. I mean Naked Snake (Big Boss).

Prince Albrecht from "Diablo."

He was just some kid who didn't have anything to do with the demonic conspiracies going at at first. Then, he done got kidnapped by Lazarus and taken down beneath the Tristram Monostary to get possessed by the demon Lord of Terror. So, I had to put him down.

Sure, his will had been completely consumed by the demon lord, and his body had been twisted into a horrific lizard-thing shape, but I still felt a bit of regret for killing him. When I killed his demon-body, he transformed back into his human self--and couldn't have been more than fourteen years old. Then, he gasped a bit and died.

Killing him was sort of an act of mercy, though, when you get right down to it. He'd been possessed, mutated, and his nightmares had been used as a model from which Diablo created his new Hell.

And then

As for what everyone else is saying: please remember that Saren was already a total dick before being Indoctrinated.

but it never actually showed Albrect dying, at least as far as I know. That and Albrect wasn't really a villian per se, more like victim. He had no say in anything Diablo did with his body.
Also Isaac from Curse of Darkness. He was consumed by revenge and hatred.
I can sympathise with Eldrith from Dark Alliance. She only really wanted to protect her city, and she felt like she was honestly betrayed, even if she did defy direct orders.

I'm gonna say Genya from Giant Robo. He begins a quest of world conquest because of his father's dying wish.

the mad felcher

just for what he has to go through each day

General Dirk Anger in 'Nextwave'.

Calanderman from batman (look him up). . . poor twat.
Rorschach (if you consider him a villain). . .How could it end like that!
Aquaman's archenemy - "Thats the guy whose gonna put me jail!?!"

zombies. there just hungry and want to eat and we have to go and blow their heads off multiple times. (in deadrisnings case i felt extremly sry for the zombies and all the gruesome ways they died)

King Bohan from Heavenly Sword.

Admittedly this is a guy who has no redeeming qualities, besides brilliant scriptwriting and voice-work from Andy Serkis, but he's an example of a villain who is considerably more likeable than the protagonist simply for having a personality.

Bohan is slimy, conniving, jealous and murdered his father for the throne while still in his teens. He's almost built up as something of an anti-hero on account of he also having a mute godly figure giving him guidance and power to defeat the bearer of the sword which he himself follows loyally through both a lust for power and belief that he follows the true god. Indeed the ending of the game brings into question whether he is indeed right to seek the destruction of the sword even if his personal motivation is fuelled primarily through his want for personal safety. Bohan wants the sword but only because he sees it as a trinket he doesn't yet own, something to be forgotten and lost when he comes to possess it. While he doesn't own it, it is a concern, but when he does come to hold the sword he simply has it put aside in a museum for safe-keeping.

Despite his company, his allegiances and his pride Bohan remains infinitely more interesting and deep than Nariko, she simply fuelled by vengeance. He truly is a loveable rogue-who simply happens to be king of a large, militaristic country.

Will. E. Coyote (...come on...he is supposed to be the villain !)

only one villian? lets see... that penguin guy from batman.... he had an unlucky look... and a messed up mind

Dr. Victor Von Doom from Fantastic 4....what a sorry sap.

Yeah, he's a super genius in super power armour modelled after death with robots and magic, who is the dictator of an entire country.
And yet he still always gets beaten the four lamest superheroes ever created.

Delacroix from the green mile is someone I can sympathise with...

Now... A video game villain...
Markal from the HoMM series. He was just an old geezer who was banished from his country for practicing forbidden arts and whom's master was brutally slain by sopmething pretty equal to the inquisition. Come to think of it... I like most villains branded a heretic, even on the rare occasion it is rightfully so or justified he dies.

I also sympathise with Kel'thuzad and, until they've released the fourth installment of warcraft, I'll deny ANY claims of his demise.
Bah, it's hard, since villains from video games are usually portrayed to be evil and nothing else, so you'll feel good after you beat him up.

only one villian? lets see... that penguin guy from batman.... he had an unlucky look... and a messed up mind

Nah, sorry if I worded it poorly. As many as you feel are appropriate.

Haku from Naruto. OK, maybe he's not technically a villain but his back stoty and what happen to him is really sad. The way he ended up with Zabuza and why he does the things he does go a lot deeper than most villains.

Yeah, I forgot Haku. He's definitely a good choice.

Anyway, to expand on my choice of Alma, I began to play through F.E.A.R 2 today, all I can say is FUCK ARMACHAM!

Herman Li.
That man's gonna have some serious Arthritis.

I felt quite sorry for the Joker in The Dark Knight...there was something so lovable about
his obvious insanity....

Sylar from heroes, the poor guys life has sucked

Saren a little bit

people will hate this but i feel sorry for, or at least can empathize with, the Joker from The Dark Knight

one of my favorite villains is Hannibal Lector, not sure whether or not i feel sorry for him though, i'll have to think about it

also Johnny Ringo from Tombstone was a sad villain

Yeah, I'd say Sylar. One of the most emotional moments from the end of the first season (To me) was when he tries to make his mother happy with his powers, showing her that he can be special like she wanted him to be, and she dies because of this, dying, not believing that Sylar is her son, but some demon come to torment her. I can still remember her screaming at him that she wanted her son back.


Poor guy.

Sorry as in I feel sorry im going to rape You with this this nuclar stock pile, thats how i felt when it came to the final fight in Fallout three

or sorry as in they started good became evil like skull kid in LoZMM

I'm not entirely sure that I'd class her as the villain, but I really feel for Allesa Gillespie from the Silent Hill series.

Kitano from Battle Royale (the film, not the manga, he was an asshole in the manga)

Just a seemingly lonely man who used to be a teacher until being stabbed by a pupil. He never seems to enjoy the deaths and is always very kind to Noriko, such as when he gave her his umbrella so that she doesn't catch a cold from the rain. You can't help feeling sorry for him when his daughter tells him not to bother coming home.

Funnily enough... yeah I agree. That was probably the only part of that film which made me sympathise with the characters. Kitano always seemed more of a more-reluctant-than-usual-puppet to me, rather than a villain.

I don't think I was meant to be sympathetic towards Soto and the other sabre tooth lions in ice age.

Mirri Maz Duur from a Song of Ice and Fire. Danny was an idiot for expecting her to help the man who just destroyed her village. I also feel sorry for Joffrery and Cersei though I hate them both. I would say Theon but by this point I think you are supposed to feel sorry for him.

Honestly, I felt bad for Megamind when he was a villain as well as Ron when he became a villain.

Zuko from the "Avatar the last airbender" had a depressing childhood which lead him to believe that hunting down the Avatar would make his father proud of him.

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