No matter how big of a Metroid fan you are, this kid is a bigger one, and his dad is helping him make a Samus costume that is cooler than anything you could construct.

Joseph DeRose has a dream: to create a completely badass Samus Aran costume that looks as close to the real thing as possible. Of course, being eleven-years-old, Joseph enlisted the help of his dad, Tony, in the outfit’s construction. The first piece the team has completed, seen here, is a faithful recreation of Samus’s arm cannon.

As you can see, the cannon looks (and sounds!) great, thanks to the LED lights and speakers Joseph and his dad have inserted. The other parts of the project include the helmet, shoulder/chest armor, and body/legs/gloves/shoe details. According to the project’s website, work on the shoulder and chest costuming has begun, but the other pieces still need to be started.

Father/son craft projects are always a great way for parents and kids to bond, but they rarely result in stuff that’s as neat as this is turning out to be. Obviously, the compete set of armor won’t be ready in time for Halloween, but that arm cannon is solid enough to be a great costume on its own. Congratulations, Joseph, on an epic project and being added to the Escapist’s Wall of Costume Fame!

Source: Project Varia website via Joystiq

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