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12 Great Games From the Latin American Games Showcase 2024

Summer Game Fest 2024, the not-E3 event of the year, kicked off yesterday with its big Geoff Keighley-hosted presentation, but the excitement continues as more developers show off their games in their own smaller presentations. The Latin American Games Showcase is one such event, featuring exclusive trailers and premieres from Latin American game developers. And such stunning games were shown!

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The Latin American Games Showcase presented around 70 games during its hour-and-a-half-long presentation. That’s a whole lotta games, so below I’ve curated a list of what I thought to be some of the showcase’s top highlights. But, frankly, almost every game featured felt worth mentioning, so I encourage you to check out the full showcase when you have a chance!

Goblin Cleanup

Clean up dungeons with slimes stuck on mops in a co-op dungeon cleaning game. Goblin Cleanup will be coming soon to PC.


A cyberpunk-leaning Elden Ring seemingly set in what looks to be a modern city. The game is a party-based souls-like coming soon to PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Heaven Crawler

An isometric, physics-based, rougelite dungeon crawler similar in appearance to Ico but starring a boy with some very long mech arms. Heaven Crawler is coming to PC and has a demo available on Steam now.

Mark of the Deep

An isometric pirate adventure with a mix of metroidvania and souls-like elements. Mark of the Deep will be coming to PC soon.

The Coldest Winter

A stylish point-and-click horror experience with an adaptive narrative and some striking, vibrant illustrative artwork. The Coldest Winter will be coming to PC soon.

Mexico, 1921: A Deep Slumber

A narrative video game documentary following the life of photojournalist Juan Aguirre who gets involved in the assassination of president-elect Alvaro Obregon in the 1920s. As you navigate through levels, Juan can pick up historic collectibles, some of which are in collaboration with institutions such as the National Archive of UNAM and the Museum of Popular Art. Mexico 1921: A Deep Slumber is coming to PC and Xbox, and a demo is available now on Steam!


Developed by Moonana, an isometric turn-based rhythm RPG where you play as a singer in a silent world where music is outlawed. The game has some lovely pixel art and gives off the vibes of old-school Persona 1 and 2. It’s slated to come out sometime this summer for Xbox and PC.

Bittersweet Birthday

A 2D narrative action exploration game that is part boss-rush and has a distinct pixel visual style. Bittersweet Birthday will be coming to consoles and PC early next year.

Abyss X Zero

A stylish and polygonal 3D metroidvania where you control two different characters that are destined to battle each other. Abyss X Zero will be coming to PC sometime soon.

Beacon of Neyda

A side-scroller strategy game set in a wasteland where a robot revolution failed and featuring some great pixel art. Beacon of Neyda is coming soon to Xbox and PC.

Stay With Me!

A found footage psychological horror game about an alien abduction. Stay With Me! will be coming sometime next year and has a demo available now on Steam.

Digital Exorcist CF1_Defrag

A visual novel starring disgraced DATA Agent Sawyer undercover as a high school teacher who gets involved in the mysterious death of a superstar idol. Digital Exorcist will be coming to PC soon.

Mariachi Legends

A 2D hack and slash action platformer that blends Mexican folklore and classic arcade gameplay. Mariachi Legends features some truly gorgeous pixel art and will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch soon.

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