2.5 Billion Xbox 360 Achievements Unlocked


You think your Gamerscore is impressive? According to Microsoft, Xbox 360 owners have racked up a collective Gamerscore of 52 billion after unlocking a combined 2.5 billion Achievements.

…and that’s only counting Xbox 360 units that are hooked up to Xbox Live. Microsoft Director of Product Management for the Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, told Gamasutra that the whopping two-and-a-half billion Achievements unlocked worked out to an average of approximately 150 Achievements per Xbox Live customer.

According to Greenberg, Microsoft originally co-opted the idea of Achievements from the casual space, where they appeared as a way to keep players returning to web portals – but it wasn’t until they were implemented with the Xbox 360 that the idea of Achievements truly went mainstream. Greenberg says that as a tool to add stickiness to the console, the Achievement system has been a wild success: the Xbox 360’s attach rate of eight games per system “is the highest, ever, for any platform.”

Man, it sure would be nice to have an entire Escapist issue devoted to Achievements, wouldn’t it? I mean, not like you should come back tomorrow, or anything…

In the meantime, why not play Achievement Unlocked?

(Via CVG)

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