20,000 WoW Players Complete Giant Photo Mosiac


Ever wonder what 20,000 WoW fans look like?

Back in December, to celebrate the five-year anniversary of World of Warcraft (and the fifteen-year anniversary of Warcraft as a whole), Blizzard announced the Battle Cry Photo Mosaic, a project that asked thousands of WoW players to take pictures of themselves holding up emblems to display their faction allegiance – Alliance or Horde. The pictures would then be stitched together to form one awesome photo-mosaic featuring the game’s ten faction leaders, five per side.

Well, guess what: It’s done, and it’s awesome.

The number of people in this image is really impressive, and even more so when you consider the fact that it’s but a tiny, tiny fraction of the 11 million that play the game worldwide. Hell, it isn’t even as many people as the multitudes that attend BlizzCon. But it’s still a really cool picture – both the picture itself and the mosaic – despite Blizzard’s obvious and disgusting Horde bias.

It’s great when a community comes together for something like this, isn’t it?

To see the full, 14400 x 6150 mosaic, go here, but don’t blame me if it kills your computer.

For the Alliance! (And no, before you ask, I’m not in it. I forgot to send my picture in :()

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