The winners of Game Tunnel’s 6th Annual Game of the Year awards have been announced, with Bit Blot’s Aquaria taking top honors.

Aquaria, which was also a grand prize winner at the 2007 Independent Games Festival, was selected as the 2007 Independent Game of the Year, and also took prizes in the Graphics and Sound categories. Featuring innovative gameplay along with “striking beauty and haunting music,” the game is described as “a unique experience that embodies all for which Independent Games are recognized.”

Established in 2002 to provide coverage for independent gaming, Game Tunnel has provided reviews for over 800 independent games, as well as monthly independent gaming news and its annual Game of the Year Awards. “Independent games are known for pushing the boundaries of gaming, providing an experience that is singular and different,” said Game Tunnel Editor-in-Chief Russell Carroll. “We are excited every year for the opportunity to play these wonderfully original and inventive games and are happy to award winners in multiple categories to celebrate their achievements.”

Other award winners include Determinance, which won the award for innovation, and Threadspace: Hyperbol, selected as multiplayer game of the year. A full list of the Independent Game of the Year award winners from all categories, along with download links and other information, is available at the Game Tunnel website.

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