The “winners” of the 2009 Darwin Award have been announced: two bank robbers in Belgium who used far too much dynamite to break into an ATM, and blew up the whole building.

The Darwin Awards honor those individuals each year who take themselves out of the gene pool by making incredibly poor decisions. The Awards have been in existence since at least 1985, where the list was posted on Usenet groups and bulletin boards, and eventually passed via forwarded emails. Several sites now track Darwin Awards, including, which recently announced its list of winners for 2009 picked by the sites editors.

This year’s winner is quite a tragic pair. Two bank robbers in Dinant, Belgium, blew up the entire building housing the ATM they were trying to pilfer, killing both of them. The ironic thing is that their getaway vehicle was a BMW; did they really need the money that bad? Read the details here.

Of special note is the North Carolina woman chosen as one of the runner-ups. After the town of Greeensboro was caught in a deluge of 4 inches of rain in two hours, several roads were closed due to flooding. The 50-year-old woman decided to drive past the police blockade on her moped and proceeded to crash into the overflowing creek, losing her sweet ride. After being rescued by the cop and being questioned, she then jumped back into the creek when he left her to call for backup. She was not able to be rescued a second time. Her mother said the woman might have been trying to retrieve her moped because, “She loved that thing.” Read the full story here.

I want to personally thank these individuals for removing the possibility that they will ever procreate again, therefore making the human race smarter one gene at a time.

Source: Darwin Awards


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