2011: A Year In Review – Videos

We have inundated you, the loyal Escapist readers, with the most popular feature articles, columns and comics, news posts and reviews. We now bring to you, the lucky lucky viewers, the top ten videos from 2011. Enjoy.

Zero Punctuation

Portal 2
“Early on in my overpaid sequence of lucky breaks, that only the most bitterly sarcastic observer would call a career, I made a video about the Orange Box, a loose collection of gamelike objects bundled together as a sort of apology for Half Life episode 2 being as timely as a long term middle east peace solution.”

Recommended Videos

The Big Picture

The Collar
“Today I undertake the beginning of a personal challenge, finding the most obscure relic of geek culture that I can still make a whole episode out of. And so our topic for this week, Yogi Bear’s collar.”

Escape to the Movies

Green Lantern
“Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting the opening theme music? Well I was expecting a half-way decent movie so disappointment all around I guess. Plus the theme music takes time and I have a lot of ground to cover on this piece of s@#*.”

Miracle of Sound

Wheatley’s Song (Portal 2)
“Don’t call him a moron, he’s super-astute. He’s Wheatley, the chipper, English A.I. from Portal 2, and this is his song.”


Star Wars: The Old Republic
“This is what happens when you release your entire intro. Graham and Paul get ahold of it.”


Solving the Sexism Situation
“Sexism in gaming is a hot potato issue right now. We’ve had talk of Penny Arcade making jokes about Dickwolves, David Jaffe comparing technology to vaginas and we’ve also had Duke Nukem Forever‘s capture the babe, a game mode in which you punch women in the face with a boxing glove strapped to your cock.”


Cut The Crap
“For generations, the people of Escapia have lived in fear. Always running, never looking back to face the darkness that hunts them. But now they have reached their destination, their final stand, the people will rise up and … “

Loading Ready Run

Bros Clubbing Bros
“Do you know what I hate? Club soda. It tastes like fizzy water and baking soda.”

Feed Dump

Black Metal and Nudity
“In an effort to showcase the rich diversity of Norwegian culture, rookie Norwegian diplomats are being given a crash course in black metal.”

Tales from the Table

Pilot Episode
“Deep within the forests of Kreldor a band of seasoned adventurers set forth on what would surely be their most quest yet.”


Portal 2: Bot Trust
“Portal was a child star. Precocious. Naïve. Too innocent to understand that gamers’ love is often fatuous, that the attention would be dependent upon repeat performances and that the fame would be fleeting and could quickly turn to hate. Portal 2 is that child star grown up. It’s bigger, more self-aware and a bit more polished. It is also still reaching for the innocent laughs although its innocence has long since fled. It is still tap-dancing in its pre-teen tutu, showing too much leg and reminding us simultaneously of how much we loved the innocent it used to be and the fact that it will never be that innocent again.”

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