One of 2K Marin’s studio heads has quit, but 2K says not to worry about it.

The news that Martin Slater had resigned as head of the Australian branch of Bioshock 2 developer 2K Marin, stirred up rumors that the studio’s next project, the sci-fi shooter XCOM, had undergone some significant in the last year. But now, 2K Games has moved to deny these rumors, saying that it’s business as usual.

In a statement, 2K confirmed that Slater no longer worked for 2K Marin. However, it said that while it wasn’t unheard for development teams to change and evolve over time, there was no truth to the suggestion that 2K Marin had changed the way it was working on XCOM. 2K said that the game was a joint production between the US and Australian branches of 2K Marin, overseen by creative director Jonathan Pelling, and that Slater’s departure hadn’t changed that.

Unfortunately, there’s likely to have been quite a few people – mainly old time X-Com fans – who had been hoping the rumors were true, as the updated game is pretty significant departure from the original. Even for people new to XCOM, the trailer from last year’s E3 was hardly awe-inspiring, and while the game is almost certainly more impressive now than it was then, it’s really got its work cut out for it.

Source: Joystiq

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