30-Foot Star Wars Tapestry Selling for $20,000


Aled Lewis’s “The Coruscant Tapestry” tells the tale of Star Wars via 30 feet of cross-stitched art.

Are you a Star Wars fan with a 30-foot wall and $20,000 to blow? If so than you stand you can count yourself among the lucky few possessing everything you need to take home what could very well be the ultimate piece of decorative Star Wars.

Currently only display at Los Angeles’s Gallery 1988, “The Coruscant Tapestry” is a 30-foot art piece created by artist Aled Lewis in the style of a Bayeux tapestry. The piece details the plot of the Star Wars films (episodes I-VI) using static images that Lewis stitched in by hand. Bordering the imagery are movie quotes written in Aurebesh text from the films. The piece can be purchased for the aforementioned $20,000.

Excepting the fact that it wastes half of its space on the prequels, this is an exceptionally cool piece of art that we’d just love to take home and hang up on our wall. Granted, we might be better off spending $20,000 on buying an actual house (we hear they’re nice). That said, you can’t put a price on fandom. That what rationally minded spouses not consumed by life-long fandoms are for.

Source: Boing Boing

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