PAX East 2014

30 PAX East Attendees Explain Why They’re Here – In Pictures


With our trusty whiteboard and marker, we asked PAX East 2014 attendees what brought them out to the show.

img_9343 (2000x1333)
img_9340 (2000x1333)
img_9335 (2000x1333)
img_9338 (2000x1333)
img_9326 (2000x1333)
img_9324 (2000x1333)
img_9317 (2000x1333)
img_9310 (2000x1333)
img_9312 (2000x1333)
img_9322 (2000x1333)
img_9307 (2000x1333)
img_9294 (2000x1333)
img_9293 (2000x1333)
img_9284 (2000x1333)
img_9289 (2000x1333)
img_9287 (2000x1333)
img_9276 (2000x1333)
img_9281 (2000x1333)
img_9278 (2000x1333)
img_9272 (2000x1333)
img_9274 (2000x1333)
img_9268 (2000x1333)
img_9270 (2000x1333)
img_9265 (2000x1333)
img_9264 (2000x1333)
img_9261 (2000x1333)
img_9259 (2000x1333)
img_9257 (2000x1333)
img_9254 (2000x1333)

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