30 Percent of MMOG Players Buy Gold


At least 30 percent of people who play MMOGs buy virtual goods and services, according to a World of Warcraft gold seller who believes that the practice should be licensed and supported by MMOG companies.

Extreme Gold Fan, an anonymous World of Warcraft gold seller and buyer who runs WoW Gold Facts, a site about “exposing the truth in the World of Warcraft Gold Industry,” has told Eurogamer that he believes that the percentage of MMOG players who participate in real money transactions (RMT) for virtual currency and services is around 30 percent.

He argues that because the practice is so prevalent and, in his mind, beneficial, MMOG companies like Blizzard should stop trying to prevent it but incorporate it into their business by officially licensing and supporting real money transactions. “In my opinion, the industry would be better served if publishers would recognize that lots of gamers – I’ve heard it’s 30 per cent of the player base – like the benefits of RMT, and work with credible companies and allow it to happen,” he said.

Call him an idealist, but Extreme Gold Fan sees this all perfectly within the realm of possibility. “I don’t see why this is not possible,” he said. “They could make a condition of involvement in RMT that players give them a complete release of all forms of liability.”

Well, 30 percent of all you WoW/Warhammer/etc players, fess up! Have you bought gold or other virtual goods or services? I’ll admit that I’ve done it, not in an MMOG but in Diablo II, where nowadays you never have to spend more than a couple bucks for some relatively top-notch gear.

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