3000AD has announced a new addition to the Galactic Command series of games, Galactic Command: Knightblade.

Promising “total immersion” in deep space life, Galactic Command: Knightblade will let players experience space warfare as both a marine and a combat pilot stationed aboard the Engstrom class carrier GVC Knightblade. As a pilot, players will take part in mission briefings before launching and engaging enemy fighters, while as a marine the player will battle hostile forces both on distant planets as well as onboard the Knightblade itself in desperate defensive actions.

Galactic Command: Knightblade will be an episodic release, with Episode One – First Strike featuring a mix of sixteen marine and pilot missions. As well, players will share their lives aboard the Knightblade with its NPC crew, powered by advanced and proprietary AI that drives them along their own lives and duties. “As in all our games, if you can think it, you can probably do it,” the company said in its announcement of the game. “Explore the ship, talk to other NPCs, engage in or evade a fight that breaks out in the Galley and get tossed in the Detention Hold by marines; the choice is yours to make.”

Galactic Command: Knightblade is currently in development for the PC and consoles, and is targeted for release in the second quarter of 2009. More information is available at

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