Despite sales dropping by nearly 50% from last year, the Xbox 360 is still outselling its competitors.

Last month, 257,000 Xbox 360s were sold in the US , making the son of Xbox the best-selling console for the 18th consecutive month and giving it an impressive 47% market share. The console’s total retail spend, IE: how much was spent on hardware, software and accessories, reached $272 million. According to Microsoft, more was spent on 360 products than Wii and PS3 products combined.

Those numbers are slightly less likely to blow your tiny minds however, when you consider than in June of last year, Microsoft managed to shift some 507,000 console units. Console sales are down all across the board. According to the NPD, retail sales of videogame products fell by 29 percent in June, ending up at just under $700 million worth of products sold. Digital sales aren’t included in that number. If they were, we’d be looking at a total of $1.36 billion.

Despite being king of the rapidly shrinking console mountain, it hasn’t been a particularly great quarter for Microsoft. While still raking in money like Scrooge McDuck on Adderall, the company chose this year to finally mark its $6 billion acquisition of digital marketing service, aQuantive, back in 2007 as a writedown. That hefty figure translates into a $492 million dollar loss in this fourth quarter, Microsoft’s first in its 26-year history.

Source: CBC

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