The studio started by baseball pitcher Curt Schilling and Todd McFarlane will utilize BigWorld Technology for its first project.

38 Studios has confirmed that it has licensed the BigWorld Technology Suite for the studio’s upcoming original massively multiplayer online game set for release in late 2010.

“BigWorld provides the most proven, robust and technically solid game engine and toolset available, while still allowing us to be flexible and tailor the technology specifically to our game,” said Jon Laff, 38 Studios’ Chief Technology Officer.

Gavin Longhurst, Vice President of Business Development at BigWorld, added, “38 Studios is in a unique position in the MMOG market with an exciting project underway. Our engine and toolset is very flexible, and allows them to use the technology in a very specific way that is ideal for long-term projects such as this. We are thrilled to be working with such a professional and talented group of game developers.”

President and CEO of 38 Studios Brett Close commented, “In our current development phase, 38 Studios is focused on prototyping the exceptional quality of our signature Online Entertainment Experience. This process can only come from tools and technology designed to deliver flexibility, efficiency, performance and processing power. By licensing the BigWorld Technology Suite, we are empowered as developers to exceed the expectations of gamers, and ultimately achieve cross-media market penetration based on a completely original IP.”

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