Did you want to see a 3D Star Fox, but couldn’t get to E3? Well this might be the next best thing.

The Nintendo 3DS is getting a lot of people very excited, but its most compelling feature – a glasses-free 3D display – is pretty much impossible to show without the device actually in your hand. In an attempt to address this problem, a Swiss 3DS blog has created a collection of videos of classic N64 titles in 3D, so those of us who couldn’t make it to Los Angeles last month can get an idea of what to expect.

The videos include the intros of Star Fox 64, as seen above, and Ocarina of Time and gameplay from Mario Kart 64. Getting the 3D effect requires the old school red and blue 3D glasses, and sadly the new style glasses that you might have from watching Avatar or something similar won’t work. There is the option to change it to “cross-eyed” mode in the 3D settings though, so don’t be too dismayed if you don’t have a pair lying around. Unfortunately, YouTube’s 3D player can’t be embedded at the moment, so what you’re seeing up there is the cross-eyed mode. To watch it in slightly less eye-straining 3D, you need to head to YouTube itself.

What’s remarkable is how well suited to 3D most of the videos are, with lots of things coming straight at the camera. It’s almost as if Nintendo had planned this all along.

Source: Eurogamer

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