3D Realms found Scott Miller has responded to allegations that the company has stashed money in offshore accounts by pointing out that even though the studio has been sued numerous times, it has always come out on top.

It came out yesterday that Take-Two Interactive, which has sued Apogee Software (the legal name of 3D Realms) over the collapse of Duke Nukem Forever, believes the developer has stashed a “substantial” amount of money in offshore bank accounts in an effort to avoid paying off debts related to the game. The claim naturally caused something of an uproar, as it implied that 3D Realms management was preparing for things to fall apart even as it assured Take-Two and everyone else that work the game was coming along nicely.

But Miller, who founded Apogee in 1987, dismissed the allegations in a statement to Shacknews. “Do readers here realize that filed lawsuits are entirely one-sided statements, based on knee-deep BS and with more spin that[sic] a top?” he said. “3DR has been in nearly a dozen lawsuits (including against Warner and Fox). We’re always innocent, and we always win. This one is no exception. Give it a year, then the truth will come out.”

There’s absolutely no proof behind Take-Two’s claim and there won’t be for awhile, as the case isn’t expected to go trial for another eight to 11 months. But Miller’s credibility has taken a beating lately and gamers can be forgiven if they don’t put too much faith into statements like “we’re innocent.” After all, two months prior he was claiming with equal gusto that work on DNF was progressing full steam ahead.

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