hulu plus on 3ds

The Hulu Plus service was first announced for the 3DS back in October 2011.

Here’s something that we all completely forgot about, the announcement that the Hulu Plus streaming service was coming to the 3DS. The original announcement, all the way back in October 2011, promised the service would launch “by the end of the year.” While the Wii version of the service did launch shortly thereafter, the 3DS version quickly became vaporware. Now, almost two years later, we finally have it.

The Hulu app is now available in the Nintendo eShop and supports all members of the 3DS lineup of handhelds, including the new 2DS – though as with other Hulu apps, it’ll require a subscription to Hulu Plus in order to stream anything.

Thankfully, there is a 1 week free trial that 3DS users can check out before deciding to shell out the $7.99-a-month subscription fee.

Hulu Plus offers access to hundreds of movies and classic TV series on top of the most recent episodes of shows like The Simpsons, Naruto and Family Guy. There’s no word on whether the service will make use of the system’s special 3D screen to stream 3D movies, but that certainly would be a cool little addition.

So there you go. You now have another tiny screen to watch TV shows and movies on. Are you excited about this, or did you simply forget about it like we did?

Source: Hulu via Siliconera

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