Angry Birds Trilogy and all of its DLC will cost you a wing and a talon.

Off the top of your head, how much do you think someone should pay to get Angry Birds for XBox 360 or PlayStation 3? Considering that the core game costs $1 on iOS, is free on Android, and comes with all the DLC on tablets for about $10, the console port should be reasonably priced, correct? Well, hang on to your eggs ladies and gentlemen, because Angry Birds Trilogy will not only cost $40 for home consoles, but Activision will be throwing in DLC packs on top of that.

At this time it’s not entirely clear whether the Angry Birds Trilogy DLC would be paid or not, but given the amount of effort that’s been put into upgrading the port, it’s very possible that Activision would charge for it. Angry Birds Trilogy will include the original game, Angry Birds: Seasons, and Angry Birds: Rio with 1080p graphics along with new artwork and cinematics, 3D effects, and Move/Kinect support. If you really need Angry Birds as a high-definition experience, that could be considered worthwhile, but it should be noted that out of the game’s 700+ levels, only 19 will be new and unique to the trilogy release while approximately 185 levels from the mobile booster packs will not be included.

Currently Activision has 2 DLC packs planned, although it has yet to confirm what their nature will be. Angry Birds Trilogy will also get a handheld release on the Nintendo 3DS for $30, with all versions launching on September 25th. We’ll find out then whether Activision’s efforts to bring the popular mobile game to consoles can be considered a success.

Source: Kotaku, via Eurogamer

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