A six-year-old used the skills he learned playing GTA to drive himself to school – or at least part of the way there.

The unnamed boy apparently was so distraught at the idea of missing P.E. class that when he missed the school bus, he jumped into his parents’ Taurus and sped off after it. He later told police that he learned to drive by playing GTA and Monster Truck Jam.

He should’ve stuck with the controller; less than five miles later, he made a couple of 90 degree turns, went off the road twice and finally smashed into a utility pole.

After bending the car around the pole, he got out and started walking into school. Does anyone like P.E. that much?

The boy’s parents, Jacqulyn Deana Waltman, 26, and David Eugene Dodson, 40, are being charged with child endangerment, whilst the boy and his 4 year old brother are being taken into protective custody.

Northumberland County Sheriff, Chuck Wilkins, said “This really is a story of miracles. The Lord was with him, along with everybody else on the highway.”

Does anyone else wonder what a six-year-old was doing playing GTA in the first place?

Source: Kotaku courtesy of thebobmaster.

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